We’re big fans of pattern imprinted concrete. So, we decided to make a movie and called it….’What is Pattern Imprinted Concrete?’

Apart from having a ‘catchy’ title, it seriously provides the sort of detail that an average person might need to get an idea of what decorative concrete is all about.

It’s the first in a series of movies, so make sure you take a look! Simply click in the video below.

We know pattern imprinted concrete lasts, and the quality of certain manufactured ‘surface hardeners’ pass the most stringent standards.

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The vast range of colours and patterns enable lots of creativity. Increasingly, we’re seeing some very talented installers merging decorative concrete creations with resin bound. This creates stunning finishes.

Just take a look at the finish below!

A Combination of Resin and Decorative Concrete – farrellyconstruction.com

What is Pattern Imprinted Concrete – Advantages

That Sinking Feeling

Unlike block paving, a pattern imprinted concrete drive will not sink and that’s because it’s laid as a ‘monolithic’ structure.


Mono meaning one. And pattern imprinted concrete is laid as a ‘slab’ of concrete. As a result, this means it’s structurally stronger than lots of individual concrete blocks (which most block paving driveways are).

That doesn’t mean we don’t value block paving, because we do. Especially, when it’s laid on a good sub base with modern good quality blocks.

Yes, the sub base is crucial in both instances, but in comparison to block paving there will be no sinkage of an imprinted concrete driveway.

Maintenance Weed Pickers (your days are over)

Imprinted concrete is also a relatively maintenance free paving surface. If you’re fed up with weeding (or the thought of doing some weeding) imprinted concrete could be the right solution for you.

What is Pattern Imprinted Concrete – Cracking and Fading?

Tackling these two issues head on. The loudest critics out there of decorative concrete often cite ‘cracks’ and ‘fading’.

Tell me the Crack

No guarantees can ever be offered around cracking….if you think a surface (which is subject to potentially extreme heat and cold) is immune from potential cracking…..you must be crackers! However, all joking aside, ‘control joints’ must be cut at the correct intervals in a newly laid installations. As a result, if cracking does occur it should be along these joints.

To sum it up, cracks are usually hairline and very rarely more than this. The exceptions to this are installations laid on unsuitable sub base materials or lifting from roots of trees.

Subtle Fading

During the decorative concrete installation process a sealant is applied to the coloured and printed surface. This prevents the deterioration of pigmentation (colour).

If you see faded pattern imprinted concrete driveways and/or patios, it’s because they haven’t been re-sealed. Importantly, this is vital to ensuring longevity and is relatively inexpensive.

So with those two skeletons dealt with choosing a decent and professional imprinted concrete installer is next.

Don’t just go on Fakebook and look at some nice pictures and think, “oooh, that looks nice!”

‘Check this’, or ‘Rated that’ and ‘Mybuilder’ might show some smiley reviews, but you may find a trader with intent to ‘steer’ you into an alternative paving surface. Why take the risk?

If you’re really serious about finding a professional and decent decorative concrete installer….Contact us first.

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