Tobermore Tegula block paving stands out for its wide range of colour blends as well as the availability of trio packs which increase the variety of patterns to lay.


Tobermore Tegula Block Paving

The above product specifications are useful for a number of reasons. Many of us can be dazzled by spectacular looking pictures of driveway areas without paying enough attention to the ‘details‘.

Lets take a look at a couple of these below:

Firstly, stringent quality standards are evident. This is important as this gives peace of mind that a consistent high quality standards have been maintained during production.

Secondly, we’re informed that the chances of efflorescence are reduced due to a ‘12 hour vapour cooling process‘. This is reassuring as efflorescence is unsightly and takes many years to disappear.

Thirdly, the manufacturing location is UK based. This supports the UK economy and means high British Standards of manufacture are adhered to.

Finally, the references to recyclable qualities as well as information on energy use and carbon footprint all point to a production process with the environment in mind. This matters a lot.

So with some of the ‘nitty gritty‘ out of the way it’s just time to select a colour, some edging and book an installation date.

Fortunately, Tobermore make the initial experience of choosing the right Tegula paving easy, and from right where you are….in the comfort of your home. We’re so impressed with the online customer experience that we made a short video about it. Press play.

Why do that, you may ask?

Drivewaywise are here to help customers make informed decisions regarding their paving needs. There’s a huge variety of paving products to choose out there and via our independent, unbiased and balanced reviews (we cover all types of driveway surfacing) we highlight the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

And it’s just as important to find a professional quality driven installer, as this is pivotal to a successful installation. We can help with this.

In our opinion, Tobermore provide an online customer journey that enables potential customers to quickly see quality, choice and examples of Tobermore (and other ranges) blocks as they look upon installation.

That’s why we’re writing about Tobermore Tegula! And that’s why we’ve provided a positive review of their online customer experience in the video above.

Tobermore Tegula Block Paving – Colours

Below are 3 of the popular colour choices. For the full colour range click here.


Tobermore Bracken





Tobermore Tegula Block Paving – Examples

So, with an idea of the colours available and an engaging online experience you can easily get a good idea of what may suit an area you intend to pave. It’s always a good idea to talk with an installer about edging, sub base preparation and of course drainage. It’s also a good idea to discuss any difficult areas to agree (beforehand) what you want to finished look to be.



This is a satisfying example of Tegula laid with a semi circular feature in front of the door and different sized block sets to create a border around the edge. Drainage to the lawn area provides a sustainable drainage system.

Complimenting a period style property

We think it’s wise to avoidgarish‘ looking colours on period homes. This is perfectly illustrated above by the use of the complimentary slate choice of colour from the Tegula range. The ‘cobble‘ feel fits the house. and there’s no need for added design features or different colour edging. On the basis that surface water drainage runs away from the house towards a road, an important aspect of this type of installation is ensuring sustainable drainage is in mind from the outset.

Tobermore Tegula Block Paving – Pricing and Availability

The Tegula range of blocks are competitively priced and the only issue we’ve come across is availability. Regional price differences make it difficult to provide an accurate square metre price but an approximate price range of £23 – £27 per square metre is about right.

In summary, we consider the Tobermore Tegula block paving range to offer quality driven value for money that maintain high manufacturing quality standards.

Contact us to order and we hope you’ve enjoyed our review!

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