Tarmac contractors

The tarmac contractors in the picture below were working on a large stately home. The installers are no longer around, but the driveway is.


Tarmac contractors, installing the driveway of a stately home in 1906

1906 tarmac contractors image by Paul Townsend under creative commons licence


Tarmac (the company) provide a list of accredited tarmac installers. Alternatively, find tarmacadam contractors by looking around in your local area. Most people are happy to share their driveway stories therefore it can really help to find out which tarmac contractor somebody in your local area has used.

  • Avoid contractors that only offer to overlays.
  • Exercise caution when using internet based services that ‘check’ tradesmen. Find out what work has been installed by them.
  • Many tarmacadam installers work on road laying projects. Use these.

Tarmac contractors – Accreditation

Poor installations reflect badly on all those in the driveway industry. Whilst accreditation can provide peace of mind it will also increase costs.

Tarmac contractors – Insurance

There are different types of insurance available therefore it is driveway wise to ensure any potential tarmacadam contractor you use has as much insurance as possible.

Evaluate by asking the following questions:

  • Will damage be covered by my insurance? Check policy and contact insurer.
  • Will heavy machinery be used? If so what is the weight? What checks are made to establish weight bearing capacity of existing driveway surface?
  • Are the products covered by a warranty? Against erosion, fading?
  • Is public liability insurance in place?
  • Have there been previous claims against the company you intend to use?

It is important to ensure installation contractors have sufficient insurance which covers damage to your property and also public liability.


Find tips on a tarmacadam installation here.

Furthermore, there are other types of driveway surfacing which are worth considering. Options are resin, pattern imprinted concrete, gravel driveways and block paving. All driveway surfaces have their pros and cons, however, it might be worth considering some other options too.