Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDs) 


Sustainable urban drainage systems!

Now just try saying that with a mouth full of crackers!

Sustainable urban drainage systems (more commonly known as SUDS) are here to stay.

Flooding concerns are increasingly bringing these systems to the forefront of all sustainability minded driveway designs and installations.

At Drivewaywise we take the environment and sustainability seriously. Future generations will be able to enjoy the benefits, afterall.

We are influencing policy and design planning for driveways that not only enhance the look of homes but also reduce the environmental risks of flooding.

All professional driveway companies will also be aware of SUDS compliance and ensure that SUDS are part of a drainage planning process.

Make sure you ask about this if you’re getting the professionals in.


Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems – Why the Confusion?

It’s too easy to dismiss environmental concerns but in our opinion – You can either be a ‘pioneer’ or a ‘souvenir’ in the memory of your children and/or grandchildren.

In some regions of the UK ‘flash flooding’ is becoming a big issue.

The UK environmental agency has performed many investigations and one indisputable conclusion is:

“The ‘loss’ of natural garden areas has drastically impacted the public drainage/sewage systems.”

To put this another way….if we went back 50-60 years you could have walked down any ‘suburban’ street in any town or city and seen a good number of ‘worthy’ entrants for local flower shows. paving

More Bedding and Flowers for Permeable Paving

What’s the likelihood of that these days?

The chances of seeing 2-3 cars crammed on a driveway is far more likely, especially in suburban areas.

The impact of this?

The replacement of bedding and flowers with driveways has resulted in far too much ‘surface water’ draining into public systems. This isn’t what the public drainage systems were designed for, and that’s the problem.

The solution is better drainage planning.


Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDs) – Planning

If an existing surface is being replaced it’s good practice to incorporate some drainage into natural bedding areas, if possible.

Particular attention in necessary to ensure surface water (after rainfall) doesn’t drain towards a road.

A huge advantage of permeable resin driveways is that surface water can easily drain down and through to the ground beneath.

Ultimately, this removes the need of gulley/channel drainage installations.

But, of course this is on the BASIS that a fully permeable sub base has been installed in the first place. In turn, detailed soil analysis is necessary as soil substrates ‘heavy’ of dense clay will render the best sub base installation useless, otherwise.

With any new developments that require planning permission stringent SUDS compliance will likely impact the decision to use ‘grid’ type systems.

We are huge fans of these types of system but there is only one UK manufacturer to use.

Susdrain provides up-to-date guidance, information, case studies, videos, photos and discussion forums that help to underpin the planning, design, approval, construction and maintenance of SuDS.

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