12 Small Garden Design Ideas

12 Awesome Small Garden Design Ideas

Your garden is a natural extension of your home.

And designing your garden can be lots of fun. But what do you do when you have a limited amount of space to work with?

Don’t worry. Our Small Garden Design list will give you enough inspiration to design your own garden.

Whether you want to hire a designer, landscaper or go it DIY, there is something for everyone on this list.

Best of all, use a bit of different designs and create your perfect garden!

Find out more about small garden ideas to create different areas in your garden

Create Divisions

The modern symetrical garden path with the raised garden beds alongside create the illusion that your garden is bigger than it actually is.

When adding divisions to the mix you create a space which feels larger than it is.

Minimalist Garden

Minimalistic gardens tend to look bigger. The lines used in the modern fence panels create length which might not really be there.

Having a matching raised seating area creates space and is visually pleasing.

Three Level Garden

A lot has been cramped into this space, but in saying that, it has clearly been well thought through.

There is a lawn, a fountain, an old wall, a patio area, a hedge and a flower bed.

By using the steps to reach the different levels, a feeling of space has been created.

The key here is lots of features in small size and therefore creating a feeling of space.


This is a great example of garden design for a smaller garden.

By creating height with the trees and plants you can add a lot of green to your garden without using too much space.

By using just green and white the garden stays calm even when a lot has been crammed in.

An intimate seating area has been created very successfully here.

Chillout Garden

This garden has it all. A relaxing seating area at the back of the garden and a fire pit for those warm summer evenings.

The straight path gives the garden length and the curves in the decking makes it look larger.

The use of natural colour and seats gives it a chill out feel which many small gardens miss.

Absolutely love it!

Two Patio Areas

This garden has taken advantage of different shapes very nicely.

We like the square patios with the rounded edges of the lawn and path.

The small round tables don’t take up too much space and have a nice design.

Small Garden Design with Water Feature

If you are looking for a calming garden, then look no further.

The use of lots of wood, combined with lush greenery keeps the garden organised and calm.

The water feature, installed over the full lenght of the garden, is beautiful.

A great example of small garden design!

Curved Garden

By using curves rather than hard lines you can create a visually pleasing garden, even when working with a small space.

The small difference in levels creates the feeling of space and the repeat of material in the patios makes the seperate parts of the garden connected.

The curved wall behind the second patio area creates a cosy corner. It also gives space for more greenery higher up to create a feeling of space.

Modern Courtyard

An example of a beautiful minimilist modern small courtyard.

Big tiles creates the idea of space which is important when working with a small enclosed space like this.

The decking on the walls works very well to create height. The way it has been repeated lower on the wall and on the ground, give it a consistent finished look.

The enclosed courtyard is nicely finished with stylish tall plants.

Many Round Lawns

The space in this garden is cleverly used by creating three small  lawns instead of one large square one.

The paths curve nicely around the lawn and enough area is created for plants and flowers. By keeping the colours down, the garden looks organised and neat.

A nice patio area under an umbrella gives a lovely space for summer days to hang out and relax.

Small Garden Design with Bamboo

Rather than creating one large patio, this small area has been created which compliments the house beautifully.

The bamboo gives lots of green while taking up minimal space on the ground.

Also the combination of decking, gravel and tiles gives a lot of variety in this little garden and makes it interesting rather than dull.

Small Garden Design with ‘She Shed’

Several areas have been created in this garden which work very well together.

The brown/green colour combination give this garden an organised and modern feel.

The ‘She Shed’ at the end of the garden with the decking area and hanging chair give a great place to hang out and chill – whatever the weather.

Let us know your favourite design in the comments below.

And as always…. inspire others with your small garden design photos!

Stay in the know!

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