A Resin Driveway Overlay to Soften the Property Price Crash?

Driveway Improvements –

A Resin Driveway overlay to soften the property price crash?

Considering a resin driveway overlay? There are a number of reasons why home improvements are necessary and these range from being on the ‘need’ end of the spectrum to the ‘showy’ end of the spectrum.

Lets be honest. There are some awful looking driveways out there, and combine these with an awful looking house in a state of disrepair – What do you think the value is?

In the UK we’ve enjoyed a property asset boom. This has been stoked by the people at the top who have kept interest rates almost at zero unleashing unlimited cheap credit, including mortgages. Limited housing supply and huge demand for it, has propelled UK house prices on and on and on and on.

But just as all good things come to an end, so too will the euphoric rises in property prices. There will be stagnation and then there will be falls, in some areas these will be much more significant, than in others.

But what has this got to do with driveways?

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Driveway Improvements – First Impressions Count

Well, first impressions count. This not only applies to yours or my personal appearance, but also in the mind of a potential buyer that views a property with a view to buying. As it becomes more difficult to sell, a multitude of easy and cost effective options are available to enhance the appearance of any house. Simply making do will stop you achieving the maximum possible.

If you can get away with it and you have a decent concrete or tarmacadam driveway already installed- a resin driveway overlay is the easiest (and cheapest) solution.

Look at the makeovers below. By painting the outside of the house and overlaying the existing driveway with resin, the houses’ appearances were transformed. This can make the difference between getting the price you want or a price you desperately don’t want to accept.

resin driveway overlay light sandstone

A light sandstone resin drive overlay improves the value of this property

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small resin driveway overlay

Even a tiny driveway can be improved with a resin driveway overlay

Other solutions such as block paving and especially pattern imprinted concrete are a big no, no.

Having cheap blocks put down may harm an appearance more than enhancing it. And as for concrete the preparation and installation costs remove any increases you may expect in terms of adding ‘value’ to your house.

However, if you have a pattern imprinted concrete or a block paved driveway at the moment, chances are that a reseal of your current driveway will enhance your property significantly. Find out about driveway sealing here.

Property crashes are never pretty.

Overstretched, over indebted and overpriced do not go well together.

As buyers become more selective their apprehension will fuel a downward spiral for house prices; but for those who make the effort to improve appearances – there may still be a silver lining.

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