Resin drives are fast becoming a popular choice for home owners looking for a more contemporary look.

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Resin Drives Look Great!

Simplistically, resin drives are just aggregates (stone) and resin.

Technological improvements with resin mean a permeable surface can be created allowing surface water to drain – with no requirement for drainage installation.

resin gravel driveways

A Resin Gravel Driveway 

Resin drives are generally installed on top of a newly installed sub base (and this is always most recommended).

However, resin can also be overlaid on top of existing (permeable) tarmacadam or on existing concrete with sufficient drainage.

If you are considering an overlay (because of affordability issues) then it’s imperative to ensure the existing surface is suitable.

This cannot be emphasised enough!

A professional resin installer will have sufficient knowledge to advise you.

In terms of new installations gravel grids can be very useful especially if there is no natural ‘run off’ for water to bedding areas.

Keep in mind most resin installations are for light vehicular usage.

So if you’ve invested in a Tesla you’ll not only benefit from a lighter car but also avoid oil leaks and the like!

Gravel grids are not a substitute for a well installed sub base but can provide an important structural part if necessary.


A Modern Resin Design

Are Resin Drives a DIY option?

A competent DIY-er can lay a straight forward area of 20 metres square or less.

Full preparation and organisation is needed, as resin sets very quickly (in 7 to 10 minutes). Therefor, the time pressure associated with resin installation is similar to pattern imprinted concrete.

As such whilst resin DIY kits are available an istallation is best completed on a warm day by skilled and experienced installers.

The KEY point here is experienced installers using the best type of resin.

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Darker Resin Drive

Resin Drives – Cost

The cost of a resin drive is hugely impacted by whether or not a complete new sub-base is necessary.

As mentioned earlier, if an overlay is possible, a resin driveway can be one of the most cost efficient options. But to reiterate an overlay is only suitable if the existing surface is suitable.

The gravel type chosen will influence the cost and so will the edging.

Block paving as edgins is an option as is using metal such as Aluminium or even Iron.

Iron edging is especially good if you’re seeking a minimalist cubist (don’t want to do any gardening) type of look.

As with any driveway and patio surfacing the cost really depends on the size of the existing area, preparations (inclusive of utilities and drainage) and optional extras such as security, walling, gates and of course the all important lighting.

low maintenance resin bound drive

A Beautiful Low Maintenance Resin Bound Driveway

Alternative Names for Resin Drives include:

Bound gravel due to the stone being bound to the resin.

Resin bound gravel which is gravel stuck to the resin.

Decorative stone is often used to describe the many decorative effects that you can get.

Gravel surfacing is one of the earliest terms and historically gravel driveways (without resin) were very popular.

Resin bound paving in terms of areas such as driveways and patios.

Natural stone paving is alluding to the fact that natural stone aggregate is used. This distinction is made as rubber can be used for play areas.

Porous paving in the sense the water runs through.

Resin bound aggregate think of sticky stones or glue aggregate because that is what it is.

Resin Gravel Driveway

A Resin Gravel Driveway compliments a beautiful home

Resin drives VS Concrete Drives

Choosing Resin Bound Gravel

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