The difficulty with resin…bound…bonded…driveways

(Professional and Experienced )Resin Bound and Resin Bonded Contractors – NEEDED

We’re big fans of both resin bound and resin bonded driveways, patios and pathways. Professionally installed jobs are great. The contours achieved…the general look and feel are very pleasing. But we’re also becoming very aware of how difficult it is to find both professional installers/contractors, as well as a resin manufacturers!

It seems not all resins are equal.­ In fact, it seems like a stick resin minefield out there!

Unlike established paving products such as and Pattern Imprinted Concrete, Tarmacadam and ­Block Paving which have consistent quality batching methods (specifically for driveways) it seems that when we start talking resin we start talking ‘Breaking Bad’.

What has ‘Breaking bad’ got to do with resin bound and resin bonded contractors?

If you’re unfamiliar with ‘Breaking Bad’, this was an American TV series in which a chemist cooked up a drug called crystal meth. The chemist devised a unique mystical formula for the best ‘meth’ using his ‘secret formula’.

As far as we’re experiencing it seems that within the resin manufacturing business there is also much talk of formulas, special ingredients and chemists.

Some in other parts of the driveway industry do not consider resin suitable for anything other than lightly trafficked driveways and/or pathways. Of course, on the streets we can see many marvellous resin driveways popping up all around us.

So what can we do in the face of all this conflicting and confusing information around resin bound and resin bonded contractors?

Well…just as a cautious customer would do, we’re reaching out to those on the ground. Those resin buyers (the installers/contractors) that are ripping open bags of gravel and throwing into mixers with a resin mix (or scattering stone on resin).

The resin installers/contractors are the best to know the differences between the resins and their applications. The installers/contractors have experience of trying the various resin offerings on the market and can give the most honest feedback.

So, …this is a call (or shout) to all those resin installers/contractors out there. Get in touch and tell us the differences between the resins. If you’re a cowboy don’t bother getting in touch…but for those that are confidently proud of their work…..raise your profile!

Resin Bound and Resin Bonded Contractors – We NEED YoU!

Get on Twitter or Facebook and answer the following. Or simply just contact us 

Which resins by which manufacturers have you used?

What differences have you noticed?

Are some resins easier to work with than others?

Have resins performed as expected?

In your opinion which resins have the best quality?

Which resin manufacturer do you use? Why?

Which resin manufacturer offers the best installer/contractor support?

How do prices compare?

Would could resin manufacturers do better? are tirelessly trying to get a good deal for customers. The first step with resin, and any driveway surfacing product is to ensure consistent quality. If this fails, so will installations, so will reputations, so will resin companies. We’re looking to build useful, credible and long term relationships with professional installers/contractors.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch! NOW!

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