There are a number of reasons why printed concrete driveways are outstanding and below are just a few of those reasons:

Printed Concrete Driveways Look Awesome

period house with imprinted concrete driveway

A Period Home with an Imprinted Concrete Driveway

Imprinted concrete feature

A Design Feature such as a Circle in a Different Colour Blend can add an Extra Touch of Uniqueness

When professionally installed and lovingly cared for pattern imprinted concrete retains its good looks and provides solid durability year after year….after year.

To keep an impressed concrete driveway looking good periodic sealing is advised.

Guide to concrete sealing

The range of patterns and colours available make it possible to add design and flair to any home.

Printed Concrete Driveways – a Low Maintenance Driveway

If weeding is not your thing, pattern imprinted concrete is for you. The only opportunity for weeds to see the light of day is via any control joints (if present) which appear as lines across an imprinted concrete surface.

The strongest weed in the world can’t push up through solid concrete, can it?

There are only two low maintenance driveway choices.

Printed Concrete driveways will Not Sink

Pattern imprinted concrete is laid as a single monolithic structure (or slab in everyday English). This means it will not sink. Whilst the majority of block paving is made of concrete, if a sub base is laid incorrectly they can be prone to sinkage, especially with vehicular usage.

Patterned concrete does not suffer with this problem. Phew! One less thing to worry about!

Printed Concrete Driveways are Easy to Clean

As control joints are an integral part of any decorative concrete installation this is the only area where organic matter (weeds) can take hold. Organic growth can resiliently cling into these gaps but a gentle pressure wash is all that’s needed to remove this. Regular sweeping and a couple of light power washes a year, will be more than enough to keep any pattern imprinted concrete driveway in tip top condition.

Easy, eh? Re -jointing unnecessary.

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How to Choose a Power Washer

Printed Concrete Driveways are a Cost Effective Driveway Surface Option

Pattern imprinted concrete is very popular in many suburban areas. These are usually places where parking can be a headache and gardens are a thing of the past. The typical demand is for an area to park 2 to 3 cars. With an average driveway area of 70 square metres at a cost of £90 a metre.

£6,300 (without any walling or extras).

IF expressed as a percentage of your home’s value…..pretty insignificant. Expressed as improving the look of your home..for a very low price….very significant.

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In comparison, the price of decent (note decent) block paving can be substantially more.

Groundworks (preparation) – I.E. A digger and a man to operate it. Then job can be dug out and ‘stoned up’ in a day.

Cost = Digger, man and stone.

Laying stage (installation)

Cost = Concrete, colour and labour.

Concrete Prices

Hanson Concrete Supplies

So with our 70 metre example above the margin will be tight (and any prices below £90 a metre should ring very loud alarm bells).

Finishing touches…..washing and sealing off.

Cost of sealer and broom.

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