A decent pressure washer driveway attachment can make the difference between an easy paving clean and a hard one. Attachments have been specifically designed to help with driveway, path and patio cleaning. The range of pressure washer driveway attachments fall into two types.

Lances (click on picture for more information)

Rotary Turbo Nozzles (click on picture)

Both types are easy to use and will attach to most models of pressure washer. But be sure to check the make and model of your pressure washer beforehand, to ensure you get an attachment that fits!

Best Pressure Washers

Pressure washer driveway attachments – Lances

Lances are usually called dirt-blasters and can increase pressure up to a whopping 50%. This is impressive and really can make a difference with shifting really stubborn areas of moss/grass growth that has built up over time. Below are some recommended lances.

Pressure washer driveway attachments – Rotary Turbo Nozzles

These nozzles halve the cleaning time needed. They’re best used for regular maintenance and will not provide as much pressure ‘dirt-blasting’ lances. Keep in mind that the majority of driveways should NOT be blasted as this can cause damage. So whilst it’s tempting (and satisfying) to blast away caution is urged!

How to Clean a Driveway

How to pressure wash your driveway – step by step guide

Overall, rotary turbo nozzles give a much gentler clean. They work by ensuring a consistent stream of water is ‘jetted’ onto the paving surface and the rotation ensures wider areas are covered quicker.

So which pressure washer driveway attachment should you choose?

Compatibility is key here. But you’ll find that most lances and rotary nozzles are compatible with earlier models of your pressure washer. Unless you’re looking to spend a lot of money on a pressure washer make sure you look at our guide to pressure washers below (click on link below).

Find the Best Pressure Washer


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