The biggest power wash driveway cost is your time (and cost of water, if you’re on a water meter). If you have the time get out there with a pair of wellies and feel the satisfaction, of a deep clean. Alternatively, you can use a driveway cleaning company and these will usually charge by the square metre. No doubt they will have impressive boastful reasons why the pressure washer they use is better than any available to homeowners! That’s simply untrue.

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Cleaning company costs are typically in the region of £15-20 per square metre. As with everything, some will be cheaper. More on cleaning companies and useful checklist below.

How to keep power wash driveway costs down – Do it yourself (of course)

DID you KNOW? Pressure washing a driveway is surprisingly therapeutic! YES, it’s true. The gentle humming sound, the smooth vibration of the hose, the power of the trigger and of course….the blast. Not only that buy you can clean the front of your house, window sills, doors and garage. Everything will look sparkly and nice. That always feels nice, doesn’t it.

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If you are doing it yourself make sure you read our essential cleaning guide below.

Guide to power washing driveway

Power wash driveway cost – Using a driveway cleaning company (Use Caution)

There are many advantages of using a driveway cleaning company but caution is urged. Use a recommended/ and or reputable company. Cleaning a driveway is an easy job but care and understanding of driveway problems is essential.

If you’re using a company – Use this checklist

  • Insurance – is the company adequately insured? Check documentation.
  • What kind of machine are they using and what is the pressure output?
  • Block paving may need re jointing. Make sure this is included in the price.
  • Pattern imprinted concrete may need expansion joints resealed. Make sure this is included in the price.
  • All paving manufacturers will recommend low pressure washing. Ask the driveway cleaning company how they will tackle established moss and grass growth (without blasting).
  • Will cleaning include gullies, drainage channels (including lifting grills) and manholes? Make sure these are not added on as extras.
  • Will the company bring their own water supply?
  • Will the price include washing down the house, doors, windows and garage?

Power wash driveway cost – unwanted

Surprisingly, some inexperienced driveway washers don’t seal up windows and doors. This can mean dirt is blown into homes and can cause a nasty mess on door mats, carpets and even interior walls. A simple solution is to ensure the cleaning company seals all gaps with tape! Easy really!

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