Paving Designs with block paving have moved a long way from the simple herringbone and basketweave layouts seen in the 1980s and 1990s.

In this post we’ll take a look at some inspiring designs using block paving.

Paving Designs Block Paving Ideas

Block paving combinations offer a wide range of design options. Variations in both colour and block size, mean visually stunning surfaces can be created. 

In creating the driveway surface below, a two tone effect has been used. The bold border has been created by using a different textured and coloured block. 

The image below shows the same driveway from a different angle. It is clear that the driveway design matches the house very well, creating a modern look that is unique and eye catching.

In terms of contemporary block paving designs, using the same block size with alternating lighter and darker colours can really create a stunning and modern feel. 

Paving Designs – Block Paving Edging

And any contemporary design needs curves. For a long time this had been a limitation of block paving, but thoughtfully designed edging options allow curves to be achieved.

Keep in mind that curves using block edging can only be achieved with larger blocks. 

Block Paving with Elegant Curves

Alternative block paving edging curves can also be created by using metal such as steel or aluminium edging restraints.

Block Paving Curving with Steel Edging

Block paving designs can be environmentally friendly too! The driveway showing the steel edging above, is also using permeable block paving. 

The serrated  edges along the blocks allow surface water to drain easily. Importantly a modified sub base is used during construction. 

Paving Designs – Top Tips for Block Paving Success 

First, the trick to creating individual designs, are to interchance both colour blends and block sizes.

Keep this in mind from the outset.

Secondly, visualise whether you intend to create a bold and eye catching design that really stands out.

Or whether you want to integrate colour blends to effortlessly match the exterior decor of your house.

Thirdly, use a block paving design tool (these are available from block paving manufacturers such as Bradstone and Marshalls) and experiment with different combinations.

Finally, leverage the knowledge and experience of your chosen block paving installation company.

We hope you have found this post useful and please look at some of our other posts on paving designs.

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