Pattern Imprinted Concrete Mistake

There is a major mistake in the pattern imprinted concrete driveway below. But before we jump to that, let’s fill in some other details.

The printing pattern is called cobble. This type of pattern can either provide a ‘deep-joint’ cobble print or ‘standard cobble‘ (like in the picture.) The darkest colour of black charcoal has been used and the print leaves alternating sizes of cobble.

This driveway also shows how a recess cover (manhole) has been printed to match the surrounding cobble pattern. During the preparation stage the manhole may have been raised or lowered to ensure the finished level of printed concrete is flush with the top of the recess cover. Could it be any other way? On this point it is worth mentioning…..

Don’t be a tight wad with the quality of recess cover used on a Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway!

Not only will it have to take the weight of concrete infill, but it will probably have to take the weight of vehicles rolling backwards and forwards over it. The importance of using a good quality recess cover and mounting, as well as suitable construction, cannot be underestimated!

But that isn’t the Pattern Imprinted Concrete mistake.

Have you spotted it yet?

pattern imprinted concrete with printing mistake deep joint cobble charcoal

Can you spot the pattern imprinted concrete mistake?

Above is an (almost) good pattern imprinted concrete cobble installation?

Look closely along the left hand edge. Does something remind you of having a few too many glasses of wine or beer? Something…..not quite straight?

Got it!

The driveway has a nice ‘brick soldier course’ print along the edge. Unfortunately, for this customer, you will note the poor workmanship as the edge is not straight. Whilst it is understandable that the wall adjacent may be at an angle, a simple assessment of this during the preparation stage should have enabled the installers to use an edging tool to ensure a straight line. This has either been missed or simply ignored because it takes more effort to finish by hand.

It’s a pity because overall the job has a good and even print that is also, to the right depth. The fresh seal adds to the look and if it wasn’t for the lack of attention to the edge it could be viewed as a good installation.

What do you think?