Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveways Bexley

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In comparison to more traditional paving surfaces such as block paving and resin, the range of colours and patterns available with pattern imprinted concrete driveways offer much more choice.

Half the job is choosing the colour and pattern right…the other half is getting the right installer.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveways Bexley – Which Look Best?

People generally agree that expansive driveways areas suit larger style prints such as slate and the ashlar designs/patterns. For smaller and/or longer driveway surfaces a wide range of cobble designs are available.

More unusual designs include the fan design shown below.

We’ve noticed that areas such as Bexleyheath (postcodes DA5, DA6 and DA7), Welling (DA16)  and Sidcup (DA15) have the highest percentage of imprinted concrete driveways compared to other areas such as Bexley (DA5). This could be because of the average size of driveway in these areas or the fact that pattern imprinted concrete costs more than some types of block paving.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveways Bexley

Designs such as European Fan are more unusual (nothing to do with Brexit!)

Colours range from yellows to subtle greyish, sandstone to green and everything in between.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveways Bexley –  Comparing Resin and Block Paving

In terms of durability and longevity imprinted concrete drives do well compared to block paving and resin. The real appeal for many homeowners, however, is that truly ‘individual‘ (stamps – pardon the pun) can be created due to the vast choice of colour blends and patterns.

Combine this with the ability to achieve different types of curved edging and even different coloured edging; and it’s easy to see why pattern imprinted concrete is continuing to be a popular choice.

Imprinted concrete release powder

Imprinted Concrete release powder can make some mess but is easily washed away

Decorative concrete also offers a truly low maintenance paving surface. In comparison to block paving and gravel driveway surfaces there are no weeds, so maintenance is low.

Longer term maintenance requires re-sealing every few years or so. This is important, as it helps to protect the colour and stop degradation that may be caused by Ultra Violet (UV) radiation from the sun.

Choosing a professional contractor – This is important!

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