Pattern Imprinted Concrete Design Ideas are plentiful, especially when you look in the right place!

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Design Ideas – Some FAQs

How long does it take to install a Pattern Imprinted Driveway?

Based on a driveway area of 100m2 or less, if the weather is dry, and access is good, then groundworks (preparation) can be completed within a few days. Concrete installation and finishing off take approximately 3 days. Generally, a time frame of around 5-7 days is the normal turnaround for an installation from start to finish.

Does a Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway Installation cause lots of mess?

Yes! But an experienced and professional contractor/installer will keep this to a minimum. Dust from excavations during the preparation stage will create mess. So, it’s best to keep all windows and doors shut.

At the time of installation, it’s best practice to clean off any wet splashes of concrete from walls, garages and fences. The messiest part of a pattern imprinted concrete installation is during the colouring and printing process. Again, it’s important that all windows and doors are kept tightly shut and it’s also a good idea to seal the bottom of doors (including garage doors) with tape.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Design Ideas – Thickness and Sub Base

How thick will the concrete be laid?

100 -125mm (3.9 to 4.9 inches) are the requirements for an installation. The consistency of thickness is important. Pathways and patios may be slightly less thick, as weight bearing is less important for such areas.

What about the Sub base?

As with all driveways (and any paved surface) the sub base installation is key to having a stable and long lasting driveway. An unsuitable sub base installation may be affected by substrate movement…which in turn could cause problems. The ideal depth of a sub base is 120 mm to 150 mm (4.7 to 5.9 inches.)

Again consistency is key.

MOT Type 1 stone is best to use for a solid base and this needs to be compacted in layers.

What about edges and drainage?

Edges can be curved either using flexible plastic or using other restrainers such as the increasingly popular ‘bull nose edging.

On larger areas this makes a significant impact.

A pattern imprinted concrete installation can also sit flush or slightly raised of a lawn area. The options with edging are really limited to imagination with this decorative paving product.

Drainage is usually to channel drainage that sits at the lower points of a driveway/patio area. In many instances this is along the front of a driveway.

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