Marshalls Drivesys – a good choice for block paving?

Marshalls drivesys is just one of three driveway surfacing product ranges offered by one of the largest suppliers of concrete blocks. They’ve been a popular choice for many homeowners for many years and are both easy to install and reasonably priced, too. 

Marshalls Drivesys

Marshalls Drivesys Grey

Other Driveway choices available from Marshalls include Drivesett and Driveline.

Drivesett Original Argent Dark Block Paving

Drivesett Original Argent Dark

Modern Driveway Marshalls driveline metro block paving

Marshalls Driveline Metro blocks

The Marshalls Drivesys range of blocks….

…features Drivesys patented technology to ensure straightforward and quick installation

Marshalls Drivesys and SUDs

Compliance with Sustained Urban Drainage (SUDs) is important. Whilst the Drivesys range provide a non permeable surface, compliance with SUDs shouldn’t be a problem as long as water can drain to a bedding area or soak away that drainage channels can direct water to.

The Drivesys range include:

Riven stone is available in Golden, Silver Grey and Basalt colour blends. Split stone is available in Grey green and Basalt colour blends.

A typical mixed set pack comes with a variety of sized blocks:

The approximate coverage per pack is 7 to 7.5 Square metres or 23 feet to 24.6 feet.

Having a mix of sizes reduces waste as less cuts of blocks are necessary.

Installation should be completed using the block paving installation guide and a range of edging options are available that can provide a striking colour contrasts.

Marshalls Drivesys cobble

The range also include Marshalls original cobble. Whilst these are not as popular as Riven stone and Split stone, if it’s the crafty rustic country look you’re after these could be for you!

Marshalls Drivesys Traditional Cobble

Marshalls Drivesys Traditional Cobble








Original cobble are available in Iron Grey, as well as Canvas and Basalt colour blends.

A typical mixed pack will consist of:


Using a grey ready mix jointing compound provides a subtle contrast between individual blocks.

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