Marshalls Drivesett Priora is a permeable block paving choice that allows surface water to drain directly down through a suitably installed sub base. This takes away the need for drainage installation and satisfies sustainable urban drainage (SUDs) legislation, too.

With increasingly erratic rainfall patterns and localised flooding sustainable drainage is important. Therefore a permeable driveway surfacing choice highly recommended.

Marshalls Drivesett Priora

Marshalls Drivesett Priora

Marshall Drivesett Argent Original

Marshall Drivesett Argent Original

Marshalls Drivesett PrioraThe two pictures show Priora (permeable) and Marshall’s Argent original (non permeable). The blocks look very similar apart from a jagged edge that can be seen along the Drivesett Argent Priora blocks. Whilst Drivesett Argent are a very similar block their design does not allow surface water drainage.

So how can the Marshalls Drivesett Priora blocks provide a permeable surface?

It’s not magic!

But there is a patented design and a specific coursed laying pattern to lay the blocks to. This combined with an increase in the size of the gaps between the blocks allows surface water to drain down.

….but that’s not the whole story.

A typical Driveway sub base will be constructed using Type 1 Aggregate, otherwise known as road stone. Whilst this provides a very strong and stable base it does not allow water to drain through as easily as smaller aggregate. And using a smaller aggregate in the sub base is key to a Marshalls Drivesett Priora block paving installation.

Marshalls recommend using 200mm of …’clean crushed stone with well defined edges’….this should be further layered with 50mm of 6mm ‘clean crushed stone’. The combination of these smaller aggregates, laying pattern and gaps between blocks are what make Marshalls Drivesett Priora an environmentally friendly option.

In terms of cost expect to pay £50 more per pack.

Approximate coverage for a Marshalls Drivesett Priora block pack is between 8.9 and 9.5 square metres or 95.8 to 102.3 square feet.

Other non permeable block paving choices include Riven stone.

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