First off this article is looking at Marshalls Block paving vs Tobermore Block paving in a general sense including company share, profit and product range.

Visit either sites Marshalls or Tobermore if you are just scanning for products.

Marshalls have pretty much had the block paving manufacturing market sown up for many years….until the last few that is.

More and more customers are opting for Tobermore. The name is now quite recognizable. We’re going to take a look at Tobermore’s rise to success and take a brief look at their product range and compare to Marshalls.

Marshalls have been around since 1890 and specialise in natural stone and concrete products. They distribute accross Europe via their European HQ in the Netherlands.

In terms of money their 2016 accounts show:

Revenue/Turnover £396.9 Million.

Operating profit of £46 Million (give or take.)

Not far from a realistic goal of almost a Million in Profit a Week! Far, far away from the calloused and blistered hands of the installers!

Marshall’s 2020 strategy includes:

  • Growing EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest Tax Depreciation and Amortization)
  • Improving ROCE (Return on Capital Employed)
  • Strengthening brand

So pretty ‘run of the mill‘ auditor led blueprint for pleasing investors.

But can they deliver? Time will tell.

In comparison Tobermore are relative new comers (by 80 years or so!)

2016 Turnover: £32,364.275

Gross Profit £16,456,340 (ignoring tax)

Hardly minions but not as big as Marshalls. Whilst Tobermore have been around since the 1970s they have only really been making a formidable impact (in terms of the visibility of their brand in the UK) in recent years.

Should Marshalls be worried?

Marshalls have ambitious plans to remain UK market leaders. But they also have their sights on increasing share in far away lands such as China. Is this sound market diversification or foolish overstretching?

Some in the home market feel that Marshalls have let slip and taken for granted their dominant UK market share.

Marshalls Block paving vs Tobermore Block paving – Some questions????

Which blocks are better quality?

Like for like on square metre coverage how do prices compare?

Is more marketing support offered by one over the other?

How significantly will Brexit affect European operations?

Has the quality of Marshall’s blocks deteriorated in recent years? Could this be the reason for Tobermore’s success?

Do Marshalls field enough sales representatives? Is this where Tobermore have ‘trumped‘ Marshalls?

Is it simply a case of complacency on the part of Marshalls?

Marshalls Block paving vs Tobermore Block paving – Comparing products

Both companies have a wide range of blocks and compare like for like in terms of variety and colours. Tobermores have a growing selection of permeable paving under the Hydropave name which puts them out in front of Marshalls in this respect.

But is there a secret recipe in Tobermore’s manufacturing that is giving them the edge?

Marshalls Block paving vs Tobermore Block paving – Future competition

Marshalls are strategizing ahead. Their 2020 vision includes updating their digital channels (ever tried using the chunky and frustrating paving planner?)

Looking ahead we expect to see Marshalls offering a great digital presence which offers customers a great journey and more support for their lifeblood, the installers.

In a digital sense Tobermore’s website is cleanly designed with easy navigation to their range of products.

We’re watching Marshalls and Tobermore closely. Stay tuned for latest developments in the block paving market.

Because lets face it – Block paving is everywhere.

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