Kent Resin Driveways

kent resin driveways

A Delightful Resin Driveway

Kent resin driveways are fast becoming the number one choice of quality paving for driveways across the county. There are unique designs and a wide range of colours  to choose from. These designs and colours enhance the appearance of local driveways and provide excellent drainage for surface water.

In comparison to other driveway surfacing products resin provides a permeable surface that satisfies Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) regulations.

Laying a permeable resin drive is simple as gravel is mixed with a polyurethane resin and screeded to leave an even smooth surface that is both strong and long lasting.

Typically, a resin driveway surface is laid on top of an open grade tarmacadam surface but structurally sound concrete paving surfaces may also be suitable.

The end result is a smooth? A contemporary, hard wearing and low maintenance paving surface that will improve the look of your home improvements and add real VALUE.

Kent Resin Driveways – Finding an Installer

It’s not easy finding the right installer for your Driveway. It goes without question that you want to get the best for your money, and an excellent driveway that will last you a lifetime! 

There are many Lead Generating businesses out there, but please don’t confuse us with one. The rise of ‘check this’ and ‘trust that’ as well as ‘My local Builder’ etc etc has done nothing to prevent homeowners, like you, from getting poor installations.

Drivewaywise are specialists in the UK Driveway market. We’ve been in the driveway business a long time and know an outstanding installer when we see one. 

You’ll note we use the term installers.

We tend to stay away from ‘salesy’ types of companies that provide general home improvement services. We don’t believe you can offer the same level of expertise covering a broad range of products and services. 

That’s why we’re driveway specialists!

Lets face it, whilst there are many of ‘self-proclaimed’ professionals out there, it’s still pretty hard to separate the ‘weed from the chaff’.

Therefore we have made it our mission to bring you the best of the best installers for resin driveways in Kent.

We recommend Farrelly Construction Ltd – This firm has been established in Kent for over 28 years. They are specialists with resin bound, imprinted concrete and block paving. We visited a number of installations (covering a time frame of 2- 10 years) and conclude they are a trustworthy, professionally run company.

They have installations from Dover to Bromley and Bexley…..and almost everywhere in between.

For a friendly, no hassle, no pressure consultation visit:

More on Kent Resin Driveways  – A Drive Near Me…..that’s Low Maintenance

A resin bound driveway provides a low maintenance choice of surfacing. This type of paving surface is weed free and any oil or petrol stains from cars, or other vehicles, can be simply removed with minimal fuss, using a brush and water.

Resin Bound Colour Surfacing Options

Using different coloured gravel aggregate ensures there are a variety of colour combinations. Unique decorative paving designs can transform your driveway from looking very average to amazing. Colours include Silver Granite, Golden Quartz and many other combinations.


A Modern Resin Design

Go to to find out more.

Laying a Resin Bound Driveway –

A Quick guide

Laying resin bound driveway professionally requires the skill of a local driveway contractor  who has the right experience and knowledge. With guarantees of up to 25 years you can rest assured that this paving surface is worth it, and should ‘stand the test of time‘.

Installation stages include:

  1. Driveway preparation including excavation and installation of sub base
  2. Installation of edging restraints. These can either be blocks or metal edging
  3. Compaction of Type 3 stone (this is a smaller grade of stone) to a depth of 150mm to 200mm
  4. Open grade Tarmacadam sub base
  5. Installation of resin bound paving surface

That’s it!

In comparison to other driveway surfacing options a resin bound installation is quick and straightforward. There’s no need for the installation of drainage. Light vehicular use of as many as 3-4 cars is possible and this is the most durable driveway surface of choice.

It’s also possible to have an overlay of an existing driveway, patio or pathway surface. But it’s crucial that a suitable sub base is place.

Caution is urged as we are often contacted by ‘unhappy’ homeowners that have gone for a ‘cheaper’ overlay option and been very disappointed with the results.

Please contact us now to benefit from our local experience and expertise.

Driveway Wise are here to help you make an informed choice with the best available up to date information on driveway surfacing products available in Kent.

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ARE YOU a resin driveway installer based in Kent?

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