We get a lot of enquiries regarding, ‘Is my driveway suitable for resin bound?’

Our short answer is ‘it depends!’

As tempting as it is to just go over any ‘old’ existing driveway or patio surface, attention must be given to the condition of the existing surface. This means looking for evidence of puddling, drainage issues, movement and cracks.

Keep in mind, there are some paving surfaces that are simply unsuitable.

Is my Driveway Suitable for Resin Bound? – The Unsuitable Surfaces

If your existing driveway surface is block paving or flagstones do not overlay this with resin. If you do, it will simply crack up (probably within a year) and will probably need resurfacing again.

Likewise, sub base materials such as MOT Type 1 stone are also unsuitable for a resin bound surface.

Crazy paving that’s free of movement may be okay but veer on the side of caution unless you’re satisfied it is structurally sound.

Is my Driveway Suitable for Resin Bound? – Suitable Surfaces

Is your existing paving surface concrete? Does surface water flow to bedding areas? Is the existing surface ‘structurally sound’ and free of cracks? If you answer yes these questions then with some cleaning and preparation an overlay may well be possible.

Is your existing driveway or patio surface open grade Tarmacadam? Is it in good condition (free of cracks and crumbling?) Is it free of drainage issues? If YES then a resin overlay is also probably going to be okay.

Is my Driveway Suitable for Resin Bound?

Increasingly, we’re seeing more and more complaints regarding resin installations. The basis of complaints are usually around resin bound surfacing failures (meaning cracks and lifting).

 Lifting of Resin Bound Driveway

Is the cause of these poor mixtures of resin? Poor quality resin? Using the wrong type of resin? Inexperienced installation skills? Weather? Unsuitable sub base materials?

Of course the reason for poor quality driveway and patio installations could be any of the reasons above.

As a result of the growing problems we see unfolding, the real question if your considering a resin bound system for your own driveway/patio surface is needs to be:

‘How do I get a great driveway installation that doesn’t crack up, discolour or lift?’

We’d say contact us first. Simply fill in the form. But we’re biased!

How can you trust us?

Well, apart from knowing our stuff and having your best interests in mind?

But that might not be enough. Well, there’s just ‘no pleasing’ some people.

Of course, you can just pull up one of the many ‘resin bound specialists’ listed on one of the many ‘review’ websites? But that’s a bit of a gamble.

‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ springs to mind.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen the popularity of resin bound grow and grow. It’s a long way off until the market reaches saturation point. But with so many ‘resin bound specialists’…. how do you decide which one to use?

As an example, does a company offering 100+ year guarantee with a registered office on some industrial estate (from last year) mean you’ll get a professional job that will last?

No. It doesn’t!

Another example are the many ‘slick’ sales driven companies out there? You know the type. They’re full of themselves and use classic ‘hard sell’ techniques from the 1980s. ‘Time pressured’ offers and all sorts of ‘extras’ to get you to sign on the line? But ask yourself, will the small print stand up in the small claims court if you’re unhappy afterwards?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Is my driveway Suitable for Resin Bound?

But maybe we’re missing something? Maybe you’re one of the potential customers out there that just don’t care. Maybe you’re one of those price driven folk who go for cheapest? That’s no insult to you, as getting a good price that’s competitive is always best and makes sense.

If you’re not too bothered about the quality of resin, longevity, guarantees, cracking or discolouration go ahead. You’ll easily find somebody with a wheelbarrow and rake that will install for around £40 – £50 per square metre, maybe even less.

But just don’t complain afterwards! And don’t contact us first!