Whether you’ve just started looking or have already decided that pattern imprinted concrete is for you – below are some of the best imprinted concrete paving design ideas….

Imprinted Concrete Paving – Cobble Designs

how long does a pattern imprinted concrete installation take

cobble design imprinted concrete

Concrete printed cobble design

Cobble printed concrete designs vary by the size of blocks and the depth of joints between blocks. Deep joint cobble designs can improve grip on a driveway with more slope. Cobble designs tend to look best on smaller driveway areas and longer driveway areas….

Imprinted Concrete Paving – Slate Designs

In comparison slate type prints such as Ashlar look good on wider driveway surfaces and patio areas.

Pattern Imprinted Ashlar Print

pattern imprinted concrete ashlar slate design

Do you know what’s amazing?

If you just look at the two pictures above it’s like you’re actually looking at real stone. This is created purely with a printing mat. If only everybody got as excited as us!

Different colours and features such as circles can also be added for effect.

Imprinted concrete slate design with circle feature

Imprinted Concrete Paving – Fan Design

The European fan design can make a house stand out and the only consideration with this type of design is whether to have the fan towards a house or away from a house. If this design is printed away from a house it will look nice when looking out and if printed towards a house it will look nice when looking in.

What matters more to you? Those looking in or you looking out?

European fan design pattern imprinted concrete

European fan design pattern inprinted concrete

Imprinted Concrete Paving – Drainage

Drainage covers can easily blend in to the overall look. These are simply ‘in filled’ with concrete and colour and printed just like the rest of the driveway surface.

pattern imprinted concrete with printing mistake deep joint cobble charcoal

Man/Woman hole printed in cobble design

There may be the need for extra drainage and a recommended reads are:


Channel Drainage

European fan design pattern inprinted concrete

Another important consideration with imprinted concrete paving designs is walling. Choosing a type of brick that either blends in or provides a contrast can make the difference between a finished job looking great (or not).