Create an elegant look by adding curves to an imprinted concrete driveway

For many years one of the major benefits of choosing pattern imprinted concrete over block paving was the option to enhance designs by having curved edges. Curves are pleasing on the eye and can enhance appearances by creating flows. Of course any pattern and type of print can be chosen for an imprinted concrete driveway and curves can be added along a lawn edges and borders to create a truly individual design.

The driveway below made use of natural support provided by the grass edge. With installations such as this there is no need for additional edging support, like further down the page.

pattern imprinted concrete curved edging to lawn

Pattern imprinted concrete curved edging to lawn

So how is a curve added to an imprinted concrete driveway if there’s no support?

Step 1 – The possibility of adding curves should be discussed at the planning and design stage

Step 2 – Appropriate preparation should be made at the sub base preparation stage by ensuring suitable edging (usually flexible plastic) is installed.

Step 3 – Adequate testing of the support of the edging should be made. There is no point in pouring wet concrete against a poorly supported edging. Using appropriate pegging at specific half a metre intervals is best. The cobble printed driveway below (which hasn’t been washed off) shows best curved installation method.

Cobble pattern (prior to wash off) with curved edging in place

Step 4 – Once edging is in place a visual inspection should be made to ensure the desired curve is correct (that it is to specification.)

Step 5 – During concrete pouring stage care needs to be taken so that edging stays in place. A common mistake is for installers to pour too quickly and this can push edging out. Whilst this can be quickly fixed it’s important to take care when pouring near edging.

If the above steps are followed a beautiful curved edging can be installed that will create a unique and often eye catching finish.

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