A tarmac driveway….really?

Well, the black stuff is all around us! Roads and Car parks love it. So do runways at airports.

So why can’t you? Yes, there are many other modern/decorative paving options available such as pattern imprinted concrete, resin and modern block paving? But not everybody likes modern things…do they?

A Tarmac Driveway is strong and long lasting

Yes. There’s a reason tarmac is used in roads and car parks. Whilst many think it’s purely down to cost (more on that in a minute) it’s also the strength, durability and lifespan of of the black stuff that makes it so popular with such large scale use. That same strength, durability and lifespan should apply to a driveway installation.

A Tarmac Driveway is quick and easy to install

As there are no patterns and colour mixing to think about installing a tarmac driveway is easy in comparison to other driveway surfacing. Preparation for a tarmacadam driveway installation is usually minimal and is a good choice for an overlay (as long as the existing concrete or tarmacadam surface is sound.)

large tarmac driveway

Yes! Could be resin but this is a well installed closed grade tarmac driveway. Similar, eh?

If a completely new tarmac driveway (from scratch) is being installed a main priority should be the installation of a suitable sub base for the tarmac driveway to be laid on. Edging stones are normally laid against bedding or lawned areas but blocks or slabs can be used to provide an effective frame, as shown in the picture below.

tarmac driveway

A nicely framed tarmacadam driveway

Is a Tarmac Driveway permeable?

No. Some surface water may filter down through open grade tarmacadam, which is usually laid (or should be) as the initial layer for a driveway. But on the whole tarmacadam cannot be seen as a permeable surface. Usually (as with most driveway surfacing) surface water drainage will be to bedding and/or lawning areas.

If not drainage may need to be installed!!!!

How much will a Tarmac Driveway cost?

This is going to depend on the size of the area, whether the installation is an overlay or whether it’s a completely new installation.

For price guide to tarmac overlays CLICK HERE

If cost is a concern then tarmac restoration is also a possible. This really is a very cost effective option to make a tarmac driveway look great again. Care should be taken not to go down the DIY tarmac paint route and instead use a proven tarmac restoration product.

Finding a decent, honest and reputable tarmac driveway contractor….?

As with all driveway surfacing products it’s important to go with company that has a verifiable reputation and stellar examples of previous work.

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