Gravel Grid

Using a gravel grid system limits loss of gravel and without the installation of these, ruts will appear in a gravel driveway. Gravel grid systems are known by a variety of names but they all have the same purpose:

  • to provide a stable base to ensure the even distribution of gravel
  • to stop the displacement of gravel

They do this by interlocking together with anchor pegs to hold them in place until they are filled with stone. They have also become popular as part of the sub base installation for many resin bound driveways.

Gravel grid installation

Whether used with a gravel or a resin bound driveway installation gravel grid systems have these common features.

  • ‘Geometric’ designs with each grid having a number of hexagon shaped cells
  • Each grid ‘interlocks’ together with the next grid
  • Anchor pegs secure around the edges
  • Usually gravel grids are available per square metre and it is easy to calculate how many will be needed
  • Curved edging is achieved by cutting grids to shape

Gravel grid system and Sustained Urban Drainage System (SUDs)

Due to increasing risk of serious flooding the UK Government has implemented the Suds guidelines. These clearly explain what these types of systems are and why they are needed.

More on Suds here.

Since the 1980s the most popular driveway surfacing has been non permeable in the form of concrete. Both pattern imprinted concrete and block paving are made from concrete but modern paving technologies have made these products look more similar to real stone products, such as Indian Stone. Consequently, surface water (that should drain down through a garden into the water table) gushes into the public highway drainage systems, and these were not built for such heavy demands.

Gravel grids reduce the risks from this, as surface water drains down to the water table.

 Benefits of gravel grid systems are:

  • Gravel retention
  • Base for resin driveways
  • Strength – up to 500t per sqm
  • Easily lock together
  • Made from lightweight durable and recycled materials (mostly)
  • Frost and UV radiation resistant
  • Provide excellent ground stabilisation
  • Use in grass areas to stop erosion

Gravel grid installation for gravel or resin bound driveways is very easy. There are considerable variations with the quality of grid systems and we recommend CORE stabilisation grids. These provide the support for any installation and are made from high quality recycled High-Density Polyethylene (HPDE.)

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