Gravel Driveways Dorset

Gravel driveways Dorset……the classical, almost quintessential look, created by a beautiful gravel drive installation……….difficult to beat. Gorgeous gravel simply outclasses due to the styles, character and sheer size of the many homes she surrounds. Ironically, gravel is the least expensive type of driveway surface product yet it surrounds many grand country homes.

Gravel Driveways Dorset – The Perfect Drainage

Dorset has large areas of rural land that can be prone to flooding, a gravel drive can help with this problem. It’s unusual to see more modern decorative paving products such as resin and pattern imprinted concrete in rural areas. Areas are usually larger and this can make the cost of such alternative products prohibitive.

gravel driveways dorset

An example of a Granite Gravel Driveway

Gravel Driveways Dorset – Choices

To some gravel is the size of pebbles you find on beaches (there are plenty of lovely Dorset beaches such as Branksome Chine (Lyme Regis) and Lulworth Cove) to pea shingle gravel (traditionally used in bedding areas and French drains.)

The best size of stone for a gravel driveway is between 15-20mm because this is too large to get stuck in treads of tyres and shoes.

Different colours of Granite gravel can add sparkle if desired, and Limestone gravel can work well  with certain house styles. Likewise, Basalt gravel is the darkest available and again this works well as long as the surroundings fit. This means contemporary styled houses that Dorset definitely has a high proportion of.

By far the most popular gravel we’ve found in Dorset is ‘Solent Gravel’ (also known as Golden Gravel). This timeless stone adorns many grand houses and is the driveway surface of choice, for those in rural locations.

pattern imprinted concrete design ideas

Classical style complimented with a sweeping gravel driveway

Gravel Driveways Dorset – Choosing an Installer

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