A grab lorry cost will vary according to how much waste is taken away and ease of access to your property.

For the majority of ‘dig outs‘ where removal of earth and/or concrete/tarmac is necessary grab lorries are the best way to go.

Skips are an outdated way and are only really suitable if access for a grab lorry is not possible.

Another drawback to skips (as shown in picture below) is the small amount of waste they can take.

Look at the picture of the dig out below. Over 15 X  8 wheeler (18 ton) grab lorries were required! A skip is in the picture….just imagine how many of these you will need!

Grab Lorry Cost

Grab Lorry Cost for this Dig Out!

How much can a grab lorry take?

The maximum capacity of the largest 8 wheeler grab lorries is approximately 18 tons. A load of broken concrete is going to fill a lorry to its weight limit far quicker than soil. Therefore, more ‘grabs’ will be required and the grab lorry cost will increase.

Legal disposal reflects increases in grab lorry cost

Waste disposal regulations ensure that waste is recycled where possible.

It’s not only insane to simply dig up existing concrete to replace with more concrete (whether blocks or concrete) but also environmentally wrong.

In a perfect (and not to distant future) excavated concrete will be crushed on site and mixed with Type 1 aggregate for a new sub base. Now, that makes sense!

Unfortunately, until concrete crushing is compulsory and specified as a viable alternative to Type 1 aggregate – things will stay the same.

Tarmacadam presents a problem as this cannot be used in ‘landfill’ like concrete and soil can be. It is very important that tarmacadam is separated and disposed of in accordance with waste disposal regulations.

So, getting down to it….what are the total grab lorry costs?

The table below provides an approximate breakdown…


Tell us about your experiences with grab lorry costs below…Similar price? Problems backing on to driveway? Damage to tarmacadam crossovers? Bucket hit overhead cables?

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