10 Good Reasons to Have a Carport

10 Good Reasons to have a Carport 2021

With the option of leasing and car finance our cars have become more luxurious and expensive. 

Not all properties have garages and having a garage specially built will cost thousands. On top of that garages use electricity both for lighting and for electric doors, which you don’t need with a carport, saving you monthly electricity costs.  A great alternative is having a carport installed.

They come in  many sizes, shapes and of course prices. But besides that, there are some common reasons why having a carport might be a very good idea! 

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10 Good Reasons to have a Carport:

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1. Protect your car from the weather

Rain, hail and wind cause all kinds of damage especially from falling twigs and branches and of course rubbish flying around in bad wind.

A carport can protect your vehicle from damage easily. No more hailstone damage and scratches from fallen branches from parking on your driveway.


2. No more de-icing of windscreens in winter

Extra time is required in the colder winter months to de-ice your car before you can drive off. With a carport, your windscreens are protected and de-icing becomes a thing of the past.


3. Shaded area

In summer, your car becomes hot when parked in the sun too long. And especially leather seats can become uncomfortable to sit on.

By keeping your car shaded, the temperature will stay cool inside the car, even on very hot summer days.


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4. Extra storage space

You can store other items under the carport at the same time. Bicycles, fire wood or some boxes with other items. Depending on the size of the carport you choose, and whether you want a completely open model, or a carport with sides, you can store items as well as your car.


5. Protection against vandalism and theft

Carports can be installed with security lights which keeps your car safer. No garage to break into as the car is out in the open, therefore in view. As many carports are close to the home, your car will be more protected from random acts of vandalism as well.


6. Rain cover

Carports can be installed close to or even against your house, which means you can stay dry on rainy days, when getting in and out of your car. No more wet groceries or getting soaking wet when emptying the boot of the car.

On top of that, the walk to your house stays dry, which will lessen the chance of slipping in wet weather, which is particularly good for elderly people who need easy transition from their house to their car.


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7. Simple design

Most carports are of simple design and are a non intrusive structure in your garden. Steel structures are strong, durable and minimal in design.

Of course there are many styles of carport available. Some look like open garages,some more like tents and some like 4 poles with a roof.


8. Versatility

You can store not just your car, but also your caravan, campervan boat, motorbike or other vehicle you might want to protect from the elements. 

There are carports for just one car, but also very large carports which will easily fit 3 cars. Depending on your outdoor space and your car protection needs, you can choose the most suitable for you.

9. Party Shelter

Are you planning a summer party but are you unsure about the weather? The carport could be the perfect shelter for your guests! Many carports are like large summer houses without the door and windows, and can be easily transformed into a dancefloor or bar area. Perfect to keep your guests entertained and dry. No need to cancel the party!


10. Easy to purchase and install

Carports are overall relatively easy to install. We have written a review page on the best carports on the market in the UK in 2021.

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