Driveways Sevenoaks

Many improvements and upgrades were found as part of the Drivewaywise 2018 Survey for driveways Sevenoaks.

The overall rating for Sevenoaks in terms of design, variation of paving products and look is good, but there’s plenty of room for much better home improvements! Our focus is purely on drives.

Sampling of Driveways Sevenoaks

As a semi rural area, drainage is especially important around Sevenoaks. As such, a popular driveway surfacing choice (as expected) is gravel. But not all folks are fans of gravel due to its limited design options. The relatively low cost in comparison to other surfacing products such as block paving, resin and imprinted concrete is the main reason for choosing (or sticking with) gravel.

gravel driveway sevenoaks

Gravel is a popular choice as drainage issues are rare

Block Paving – Many areas within Sevenoaks, especially around the central area of TN13 were in need of upgrading to modern blocks which would enhance both the look and value of homes in the area.

Many block paving installations were fading which gives the appearance of tiredness and neglect. Surprisingly, very few homeowners seem to have permeable block paving. This is a better option for drainage. All main block paving manufacturers such as Tobermore, Marshalls and Brett have wide selections of permeable paving.

block paving sevenoaks

Some block paving had been updated to more modern styles of blocks

Resin Bound – This type of paving surface is becoming popular in many regions and Sevenoaks in no exception. The range of colours and styles are limited but design flair can be added by using contrasting borders and/or combining with block paving. Many styles of house are traditionally designed in and around Sevenoaks but demand will increase for this very versatile paving product into 2018 and beyond.

resin decorative driveway sevenoaks

It’s easy to blend driveway manholes with a resin driveway

Please view our resin guide relevant to Sevenoaks (note this covers surrounding local areas including TN14 (Cudham and Otford) and TN15 (Kemsing, Ightham and Wrotham).

Pattern Imprinted Concrete – This paving choice seems as popular as resin but the take up (surprisingly) is quite minimal. Ease of installation, stunning designs and a wide choice of colours are just some of the reasons why this surfacing is popular…maybe the higher cost stops more take up.

Slate imprinted concrete sevenoaks kent TN13

This wide slate print evokes the visual effect of large Italian slate

Remember….CARE must be taken with selecting the best contractor/installer whatever paving choice appeals to you.

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Tarmacadam – Still a popular choice in Sevenoaks? – Surprisingly many properties have not benefited from driveway upgrades and still have the ‘black stuff’ outside. The long lasting appeal of Tarmac cannot be disputed but from all driveway surfacing options Tarmacadam is the most limited in terms of colour and design options. Replacing tarmacadam seems overdue for many homes in Sevenoaks.

armacadam driveway sevenoaks

An older tarmacadam driveway in need of modernisation!

Driveways Sevenoaks – Summary

Overall according to our detailed analysis block paving retains it’s popularity as driveway choice. Far too much tarmacadam limits the overall appeal and puts a dent in many properties that would otherwise be worth a lot more. Amazingly, the cost of an average driveway is such a small investment in terms of the overall return on investment. This could be something to think about.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete and Resin are decorative drive choices and we expect to see more of these types of installations going towards 2020.

resin driveway sevenoaks

A resin driveway is low maintenance, low cost and easy to install

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Learn more about permeable block paving? (and why it’s important)

Driveway installations were noticeably ‘in keeping‘ with the styles of homes. Due to being quite a densely populated area many driveway areas have been extended to accommodate more and more cars. Off road parking restrictions are also an issue in some parts of Sevenoaks.

Property prices have remained stable throughout 2017 and with spectacular property increases since 2002 it’s likely that disposable income will be available for home improvements and much needed driveway upgrades. There’s nothing to hold homeowners back.

Driveways Sevenoaks – Literally on the doorstep of London

TN13 – including Riverhead and Dunton Green.This central area of Sevenoaks had the most variety of driveway surfaces. In comparison to the more rural parts driveways were noticeably smaller. Plenty of room for home improvement.

TN14 – Cudham and Otford. Many older concrete driveways and tarmacadam. These areas benefit from good drainage and most types of driveway surfacing could be suitable.

TN15 – Kemsing, Ightham and Plaxtol – Surprisingly this is also an area that could really do with better use of modern block paving options. Many faded and tired looking driveways were identified.

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Driveways Sevenoaks – Choosing a professional contractor

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