Driveways Orpington

Driveways Orpington – As part of the ‘Drivewaywise guide to driveways‘ series, this commentary and analysis focuses on Orpington, in the borough of Bromley, Kent. This is a popular suburban area with excellent fast commuter links into London.

But there’s much more to Orpington than commuting!

Being an affluent suburb it has driveway surfacing to match. This review presents an accurate and balanced snapshot of paving surfacing choices. There’s no preference of one area over another and roads have been selected at random to complete this review….Enjoy!!

Driveways Orpington – Northlands avenue – BR6

Spacious tree lined road with plenty of semi detached homes and a good sprinkling of bungalows. Nice to see many homes with garden areas which have not been completely paved over. In terms of popular driveway surfacing choices it’s clear that older crazy paving is still present. Overall, this presents a bit of an eyesore in terms of what could be achieved with modern driveway paving products such as contemporary style block paving resin bound and pattern imprinted concrete.

Please scroll along google maps to get a good idea of the types of driveways along the avenue.

Driveways Orpington – Goddington Lane 

Some great looking properties with a wide selection of driveway paving surfaces. Some of the larger houses could be greatly improved with a modern makeover and it’s noted that for some suitable drives a resin overlay could be a cost effective and transforming choice.

Of note was a turning off Goddington Lane into Durle Gardens – This small estate of new builds really could do with adding some individualistic flair by moving away from coloured tarmacadam which was installed as part of the build and add a personal touch.

Driveways Orpington – Park Avenue – BR6 9EQ

Another spacious avenue with a good mixture of ‘Mock‘ Tudor styled homes and traditional builds. As with other avenues throughout Orpington the wise and spacious road planning translates to an open feel. Again there are many homes that could really benefit from a driveway makeover which would both enhance the appearance and value of some of these gorgeous homes.

Driveways Orpington – The Rise of Resin

We often get asked about resin as a driveway surfacing option. Use the form (top right) if you have any questions.

We’ve written a number of posts about resin covering everything from types of Gravel, Installation and our ever popular ‘13 most asked questions‘. We consider resin to be a great surfacing option on the basis of a structurally sound sub base in place. This opens the possibility of a cost effective overlay. BUT caution is also urged as not all existing driveway surfaces are suitable for a resin overlay.

Make sure you do your homework and contact us for any questions or to get in touch with an audited resin company using the best types of resin available.


kent resin driveway

A driveway transformation using resin

Driveways Orpington – Pattern Imprinted Concrete

In some areas pattern imprinted concrete is still popular. As long as periodic reseals are completed every few years this driveway surfacing will continue to look good.

Driveways Orpington

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