Driveways Maidstone

Many improvements and upgrades were found as part of the Drivewaywise Survey for driveways Maidstone and surrounding local areas. The overall rating for Maidstone is good but there’s plenty of room for much better home improvements!

Our survey covered central areas including Bearstead (ME14 and ME15), Barming, Allington and West Maidstone (ME16).

But we also covered as far as West Malling (ME19) and Aylesford (ME20)

Further a field we took into account some stunning examples in the Medway district including:

Rochester (ME1)

Higham (ME3)

Gillingham (ME7) and Snodland (ME6)

There’s plenty more to cover but we tended to stay away from the more rural parts of Maidstone.

Sampling of Driveways Maidstone

Block Paving – As expected there were large areas, notably around Rochester and Aylesford that had many areas settling for ‘older style‘ block paving. Many upgrades are in order in this respect. The older installations suffer with fading and sinking and it was disappointing to note that many homeowners were not taking advantage of modern block paving designs and styles.

Resin Bound – This type of paving surface is growing in popularity (especially as an overlay.) Whilst  many homes throughout Maidstone and surrounding local areas lack contemporary styled house designs, we expect to see demand for resin bound installations in Maidstone to increase going forwards into 2020.

driveway resin

This driveway resin is mixed with a very light coloured stone aggregate

Pattern Imprinted Concrete – This paving product continues to be the most popular driveway surface of choice in many areas in and around Maidstone. Ease of installation, stunning designs and a wide choice of colours are just some of the reasons for this. Care must be taken with selecting the best contractor/installer as some installations were noticeably better than others.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveways Bexley

A fan cobble design 

Tarmacadam Driveways Maidstone – as expected this is the least popular driveway surfacing choice. But very noticeable that even in some of the most affluent areas tarmac is still down on the ground.

Driveways Maidstone – Summary

Overall according to our detailed research and data collation, Resin Bound is continuing to prove very popular and we predict by 2020 this will be much more visible everywhere. This appears to be the modern driveway surface of choice, and can be especially suitable for overlays. If in doubt be sure to ask us first about suitability.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete is retaining it’s place as the most popular paving choice at the moment and we expect this to continue towards 2020. The most popular designs are cobble in steel and platinum grey colour combinations.

Overall Block Paving seems to be declining as a paving surface of choice. This is surprising as it’s apparent that upgrades are badly needed as both the styles and colours look dated especially in Snodland and parts of Barming. This could be due to difficulty competing with the decorative paving options of other surfaces or due to higher cost of more modern block paving alternatives. .

driveway paving options

Larger Blocks

Learn more about permeable block paving? (and why it’s important)

herringbone block paving bexley

Herringbone block paving pattern

Driveway installations were noticeably ‘in keeping‘ with the styles of homes throughout the county town of Maidstone and surrounding local areas.

Driveways Maidstone – A Functional County Town

Barming and Allington ME16 – Being the most expensive parts of Maidstone it was disappointing to note that many homeowners have not put in the necessary investment to improve the look of their driveways. This negatively impacts potential house values. C’mon!

Hever Gardens ME16 – Overall good. Plenty of modern decorative driveway choices.

West Malling (ME19) and Aylesford (ME20) – As expected there are some stunning examples of excellent block paving and imprinted concrete driveway installations. Resin was noticeably absent as a choice but this will change going forwards.

Further out but still within the district of Maidstone some of the Medway areas including Rochester (ME1), Higham (ME3), Gillingham (ME7) and Snodland(ME6) really have made significant investments into the appearance of the outside of their homes. Significant use of permeable paving options have been noted and we expect strong demand for these types of surfacing going forwards.

Driveways Maidstone – Choosing a Professional Contractor

We make it easy to find a professional driveway contractor in Maidstone and surrounding local areas. Simply provide your details in the form (on the right) and we will connect you with a contractor. We use our state of the art analytics to ensure that any paving contractor we connect you with has passed our high quality assurance standards. We’re specialised in driveways and are much more than a simple ‘trade checking, rated this or that type of online service‘.

Promotions may be available but these change frequently. So in the first instance please provide your name and number/email address.

driveways maidstone

There are some great examples of stunning driveway designs in Maidstone and surrounding local areas

DrivewayWise help you make an informed choice with the best available up to date information.

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