Driveways Jet Washer Safety – They may be quick, efficient and powerful – but could be fatal!

Driveways jet washer safety precautions could save you from hurting somebody or getting a shock yourself. Remember Safety first!

Please note: the following should be read together with the safety instructions accompanying your chosen jet washer. Read theseĀ carefully!

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Driveways Jet Washer Safety-precautions

Use a residual current device (RCD) or earth marking device that will interrupt electrical supply in an emergency.

Driveways Jet Washer Safety – Electrical

  • Check connection lines – Never use a defective connection
  • Take care around connection line – Do not roll jet washer over it or pull it
  • Never touch mains plug and socket with wet hands
  • Ensure connection between extension lead and connection do not sit in water
  • Be aware of where water is running to so you can move extension lead as and when necessary

Driveways Jet Washer Safety – General

  • Do not turn on jet washer if any components are damaged I.E. hoses, spray jet
  • Do not let children use jet washers
  • Wear suitable clothing – Welly boots and protective glasses
  • Be aware of people around you – especially young children
  • Never direct the jet wash gun at other people, animals, electrical equipment or the jet washer itself
  • Do not clean boots or clothing (you are wearing) with jet washer
  • Keep a minimum distance of 30cm from driveway surface
  • Do not use for prolonged periods otherwise you may experience circulatory problems in your hands due to vibrations
  • Release the trigger to the jet wash gun to immediately stop the water
  • Be cautious around door ways
  • Only use low pressure on concrete surfaces

*Connection lines are the lines connecting jet washer gun to jet washer

To repeat – Ensure you read the safety precautions supplied with your jet washer!

Other than that – get out your gun and have some fun!