There are many surfacing solutions to choose from for driveways in Bournemouth.

We’ve completed a number of surveys covering decorative concrete, block paving and resin bound surfacing.

Overall, there are many eye-catching driveways in Bournemouth and surrounding local areas such as Branksome Park and Upper Parkstone. However, there’s always room for more quality home improvements.

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Driveways in Bournemouth

Block Paving – This is still the paving surface that covers many driveways, especially in the areas immediately surrounding the town centre. Many of the block paving installations appear at least 20 years old and therefore many had faded. However, it was refreshing to note that some homeowners had upgraded with larger modern block styles and permeable block paving solutions.

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Resin Bound – A number of contemporary styled properties opt for resin bound installations in Bournemouth. This is a popular trend we expect to continue. Caution is urged, however. As a relatively new driveway surfacing product there is a wide range of manufacturers and installers to choose from.

Fortunately, we’ve collated information on some of the best so you’re in good hands.

resin driveway bournemouth

This Looks Amazing!!

Please play the video below to get a good understanding of the resin bound surfacing installation process.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete – There’s substantial demand for for imprinted concrete in Bournemouth and a survey of local contractors confirmed demand has been strong, year on year. This is another decorative paving style that provides results that last.

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Gravel Driveways in Bournemouth – Surprisingly gravel has not featured too much this year. That’s not to say some stunning driveways have not been completed with Solent (Golden Gravel) because some noticeable installations in the BH…. postcodes stood out.

Tarmacadam Driveways in Bournemouth – Due to the high number of residential care homes and shared driveways leading to many small rise blocks of flats Tarmacadam is popular especially in and around the Central Bournemouth area.

Driveways in Bournemouth – Summary

Overall, according to our research and data Resin Bound is trending upwards and is without doubt the modern driveway surface of choice for many contemporary styled homes. As mentioned above caution is urged.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete is also trending upwards and slate and cobble designs seem to be most popular.

Watch our video below for a useful introduction to decorative concrete.

Overall, block paving seems to be declining as a paving surface of choice. This could be due to difficulty competing with the decorative paving options of other surfaces. But larger blocks and permeable block paving are growing in popularity. These types of block paving are proving popular especially with contemporary designed homes.

In terms of price you will undoubtably pay a premium for resin bound at around £130 a metre. Decorative concrete will cost around £100-£120 a metre and block paving is cheapest at around £100 a metre.

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Large size Block Paving is a Popular choice

Driveways in Bournemouth – An Overview

Bournemouth offers some very diverse house styles ranging from ultra modern to traditional made with locally quarried stone from the 1700s and 1800s.

Driveway installations were noticeably ‘in keeping‘ with the range of styles of homes within Bournemouth and surrounding local areas. Whilst some areas could benefit from driveway upgrades it was pleasing to note that no garish designs were identified.

Property prices have remained stable throughout 2018 and it’s likely that disposable income will be available for home improvements and much needed driveway upgrades.

Sample Summary of Driveways in Bournemouth

BH8 8LA- Porchester Road, Bournemouth Shown Below.


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