Driveways Epsom Surrey

Epsom is a great place to live and perfect for families and those needing to commute to London. Luckily, the range of driveway and patio choices for Epsom Surrey are vast. So Read on!

Epsom is a great place to live and perfect for families and those needing to commute to London. Luckily, the range of driveway and patio choices for Epsom Surrey are vast. So Read on!

Driveways Epsom Surrey

It doesn’t matter if you’re situated in one of the cosy Edwardian houses in or around Burgh Heath Road, or in one of the plush an spacious homes in Ewell Downs road. By making your home stand out with a beautiful driveway you’ll enhance both the appearance and value of your property. .

If you’re thinking of upgrading your existing driveway there are so many traditional and contemporary options to choose from.

We’re Drivewaywise. But we’re not a driveway company. We’re an independent unbiased Driveway service that helps consumers make better informed decisions for their driveway, patio and pathways.

Over the years we’ve become all too familiar with some of the problems homeowners, such as you face. In the ideal world you would simply be able to act on a ‘referral’ from somebody you trust get the perfect driveway installation.

But we know it’s not always that easy. Referral don’t always yield the best results.

At Drivewaywise we’re all too familiar with the number of ‘check a trader approved and trusted’ types of websites that ‘list’ anybody and create more work for Trading Standards offices.

We appreciate and respect the close working of Trading Standards with organisations such as Checkatrade, but we simply see too many driveway companies ‘fold’, ‘liquidate’ and then ‘phoenix’ from the ashes to set themselves up again a week later.

This seriously impacts the credibility of such services. Can you really trust the ‘glossy’ reviews? And what use is a guarantee given by a company that won’t be around in 5 years?

So we urge caution.

Being specifically driveway, and patio focused we only work with a select number of partners that we have got to know over a period of time.

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So, we invite you to browse our website. We’ve got lots of posts and articles on aspect of paving and we’d like you to know that we have your best interests in mind. At all times.

Driveways Epsom Surrey – Choices

Whether you live in Epsom centre or one of the newer homes in
Manor Park, Livingstone Park, Clarendon Park, Elements or Noble Park making sure you have a driveway that enhances both the value and the appearance of your property can only be a good thing.

It’s especially true of the ‘newer’ built housing areas, that significant need for driveway upgrading is necessary. We often see gorgeous homes really let down by ‘cheap’ looking poor quality block paving (installed when the homes were built).

The need for a fresher look has never been so important!

Simply picture these well presented homes with a beautiful new driveway!

Driveways Epsom Surrey – Paving Surfaces

Resin Bound driveways are becoming increasingly popular, and there’s good reason for this. A wide range of colour combinations allow you to really add some creativity and a real contemporary look and feel to your home. Watch the video our lead consultant Steve Goldstone made. It tells you all about the types of resin bound surfacing available. Please give it a like!

Resin Bound Video:

An Introduction to Resin Bound Installations (Types of Stone, Resin, overlay and drainage)

But beware! 

With the growth of resin bound as a popular paving surface, it can be difficult to distinguish between the good driveway companies and the bad. Fortunately, for you we’ve built up a network of selected partners who have demonstrated they are professionals for the perfect resin bound driveway and patio industry!

Below are some examples of work:

Pattern Imprinted Concrete is also a popular paving product, and there are a variety of patterns and colours available. But as with resin bound driveways, it’s imperative to get a decent company in for a quotation. 

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Video:

An Introduction to Decorative Concrete

Both resin bound and pattern imprinted concrete require the right set of skills and levels of experience. In contrast to block paving, there are time pressures during the laying process. This means only those with appropriate levels of experience and training can competently complete an outstanding home improvement for you.

On the subject of block paving. TOP TIP: There are a wider variety of block paving styles available these days. Our advice here is to ensure you buy the best quality blocks you can as cheaper blocks tend to fade quicker.

Driveways Epsom Surrey – Beware the ‘Jack of All Trades’

You know the type. Jack of all trades, master of none.

Using a ‘general builder’ or somebody that you’ve used for other aspects of home improvements (such as roofing, landscaping, decorating, window cleaning etc) isn’t really the best way to go to get a really good resin bound driveway/patio installation.

In our experience we’ve found many of the poor quality installations have been by people that are not driveway professionals at all. Whilst it’s easy to get ‘talked into’ having some extra work done when you have somebody already carrying out work at your home, we suggest you don’t.

Driveways Epsom Surrey – Near to me

Use a driveway professional for a new driveway in Epsom and surrounding local areas!

Many of the driveway in Longdown Lane (KT17) need upgrading from older style block paving and tarmacadam.

Kestrel Close (KT19) and surrounding roads have smaller new guild homes but many would look really spectacular with resin bound installations.

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