Block Paving Dorset

Increasingly modern block paving Dorset style, is taking hold.

So be warned!

Older style smaller style blocks are out of fashion and in terms of style and design disappeared with the 1980s and bad hairstyles.

Modern Block paving is the new kid in town!

Modern block paving manufacturing methods have ushered in a new era of permeable block paving; that makes an impact. For a county like dorset, this makes sense. In many rural areas of Dorset localised flooding can be a real problem. That isn’t to say traditional block paving isn’t still around and a viable paving option, but more and more home owners are choosing to upgrade to permeable alternatives.

Permeable paving – Paving surfaces that allow water to drain to the subsoil beneath rather than running off into the public road network. This type of block paving satisfies Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) requirements.

Considerations for permeable block paving Dorset

The main technical consideration for the installation of permeable block paving is whether (or not) a surface is suitable for a permeable block paving in the first place. On the basis that the sub base is suitable it will be prepared differently to a conventional sub base. Smaller aggregate is used and the only visual difference on the driveway surface itself is that wider (serrated) edges are visible along the blocks. This helps surface water to drain easily and quickly.

what is permeable paving

Permeable block paving with metal edging restraint

Traditional Block Paving Dorset Designs

It’s noticeable across Dorset that older block paving designs are generally laid in Herringbone but it’s refreshing to see that many contemporary designed homes utilise larger modern blocks. By increasing the size of the block and sticking to simple design layouts the eye is drawn more to the central focus point of the (usually) outstandingly designed house itself.

Dorset Block Paving

A Contemporary Dorset Block Paving Driveway

The example below uses a combination of larger and smaller blocks to great effect. The finishing touch being the sliding electric gate.

Block Paving Dorset

Using large blocks and simple design create this stunning look

The popularity of block paving in Dorset has not decreased even with competition from more modern alternative driveway surfacing options such as resin bound and pattern imprinted concrete. But as mentioned above larger blocks and simpler minimalist designs are popular and compete easily with both resin bound and pattern imprinted concrete.

Choosing a professional contractor for Block Paving Dorset- As Important as design and colours

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