Driveways Bromley

Driveways Bromley – With its easy direct links to London, this borough has grown into a hugely affluent area for commuters that take pride in the appearance of their homes.

Well most anyway!

Many improvement and upgrades were found as part of the Drivewaywise 2018/2019 Survey for driveways Bromley.

We’ve taken into account the design, variation of paving products and all important value enhancing ‘appearance‘. Whilst the overall rating given for  some areas of Bromley (including areas such as Hayes, Shortlands, Pratts Bottom, Bickley and Sundridge) is good, there’s plenty of room for much better home improvements across the borough!

Impressively, some very nice looking driveways were observed in areas including Chislehurst and Beckenham.

Please note: Our focus is purely on drives and we do not compare other property improvements.

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Sampling of Driveways Bromley

The London borough of Bromley covers a large geographical area. It’s apparent that some homeowners take the time and effort to ensure the outside of their properties look as impressive as possible. For many in the borough (especially the more built up areas) parking can be a major headache, so ensuring there’s enough room for all vehicles is of paramount importance!

In comparison, as our review moved towards the edges of the Borough, particularly towards the Sevenoaks district, parking is less of a problem and with more space it appears there’s more scope for adventurous and creatively inspired driveway installations.

Driveways Bromley – Types of surfacing

Block Paving – Many areas within Bromley, especially around the central area (as well as Bickley and Downham) have fine examples of unique block paving designs utilising modern block paving technologies (including permeable block paving). Other areas within Bromley, especially around Orpington (BR6 and BR5) and Park Langley are in need of more upgrading to contemporary designs and types of block.

Note for anybody that favours blocks over other paving surfaces; any signs of ageing such as fading can be minimised by upgrading to more resilient modern blocks which are generally bigger and have enhanced UV protection.

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDs) are becoming popular and block paving manufacturers have moved with the times and offer a wide range of permeable options.

Make sure you look up permeable options offered by Tobermore, Marshalls and Brett.

larger block paving bromley

Larger blocks are a sign of a modern block paving driveway

Pattern Imprinted Concrete – This driveway surfacing choice remains popular. The range of colours and variations of patterns are attractive and as a monolithic structure (laid as one slab) imprinted concrete is structurally difficult to beat.

bromley concrete driveway

A wider pattern imprinted concrete design compliments a wider driveway area

Resin Bound – This type of paving surface is especially popular in many areas of Bromley. Yes, the range of colours and styles are limited, but design flair can be added by including curves and contrasting with block paved borders. We expect demand for this easy to install and relatively inexpensive decorative driveway surface to increase going forwards to 2020.

quartz resin driveway bromley

A Quartz Resin Driveway enhancing the look of a traditional designed house in Bromley

WARNING: Resin is a relatively newer driveway surfacing product and there are different types of resin. It’s very important to assess suitability correctly. Contact us first to find a reputable resin bound contractor.

XXRememberXX….CARE must be taken with selecting the best contractor/installer whatever paving choice appeals to you.

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Tarmacadam – Still a popular choice in Bromley? – Thankfully a large proportion of driveways in Bromley and surrounding local areas have been upgraded from Tarmacadam. Whilst this driveway surfacing product was popular in the 1970s and 1980s modern decorative paving offers more in terms of colour and design options. If you still have tarmacadam….it’s time to replace!

armacadam driveway sevenoaks

An older tarmacadam driveway in need of modernisation!

Driveways Bromley – Summary

Overall our detailed analysis shows block paving remains as popular as ever, but there’s definitely room for upgrades to more contemporary styles.

This could be something to think about!

We expect to see more pattern imprinted concrete and resin decorative drive choices and installations going towards 2020. If parking is an issue or you’re simply looking for a quick fix to spruce up the appearance of the outside of your home….resin could be the choice for you.

KEEP IN MIND: The cost of an average driveway is such a small investment in terms of the overall return a homeowner gets back on their main investment.

bromley resin drive BR1

A resin driveway is quick to install, cost effective and looks GREAT!

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Learn more about permeable block paving? (and why it’s important)

Driveways Bromley – Review of drives local area by local area

BR1 – Bromley Central including Shortlands, Sundridge and Bickley. Parking is a major concern in many of these areas and Bromley council is robust with its enforcement parking regime. An overall sampling illustrated plenty of room for home improvement driveway upgrades. There are many outstanding efforts which combine great landscaping with innovative decorative paving designs.

BR2 – Shortlands, Keston, Bromley Common and Hayes. Marvellous use of unique paving surfaces and some really fabulous landscaping to compliment. Parts of Hayes and around Shortlands really stand out.

BR6 and BR7 – Chislehurst, Pratts Bottom and Orpington – Some fantastic creations in Chislehurst and with Pratts Bottom (more country styles). Much of orpington blends with more densely suburban areas with block paving and pattern imprinted concrete as the preferred choice.

Driveways Bromley – Choosing a professional contractor

We make it easy to find a professional driveway contractor in Bromley.

Promotions may be available but these change frequently. So make sure you contact NOW with your name and number/email address. Any additional details you wish to provide such as the size of the area and type of surfacing product are also helpful.

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