Driveways Bexley

Many improvement and upgrades were found as part of the Drivewaywise 2019 Survey for driveways Bexley.

The overall rating for the London Borough of Bexley is good but there’s plenty of  room for much better home improvements!

Driveways Bexley – Who, What, When?

Block Paving – Many areas within Bexley including postcodes DA6, DA8 and DA17 were noticeably in need of upgrading. Many block paving installations were in older styles and not taking advantage of modern block paving designs and styles. Very few homeowners seem to have permeable block paving which is surprising considering how many drainage issues occur in some parts of the borough.

older style block paving bexley

Older Style Faded Block Paving 

Resin Bound – This type of paving surface is growing in popularity (especially as an overlay.) Whilst  many homes throughout Bexley and surrounding local areas lack contemporary styled house we expect to see demand for resin bound installations in Bexley to increase going forwards into 2018.

A Low Maintenance Driveway with Resin Bound

resin driveway bournemouth

An Inspiring Resin Driveway 

Please view our resin guide relevant to Bexley (note this covers surrounding local areas in DA5, DA6, DA8, DA14 and many others)

Pattern Imprinted Concrete – Without a doubt this is proving to be the most popular driveway surfacing product choice in all areas of Bexley. Ease of installation, stunning designs and a wide choice of colours are just some of the reasons for this. Care must be taken with selecting the best contractor/installer, as some installations were noticeably better than others.

Bexley Pattern Imprinted Concrete Guide

pattern imprinted concrete driveways dorset

This sandstone blend with a small ashlar print looks great

driveways bexley

This Driveway in Bexley is nearing completion!

Tarmacadam Driveways in Bexley – as expected this is the least popular driveway surfacing choice within the borough.

Driveways Bexley – Summary

Overall according to our research and data Resin Bound is continuing to prove very popular. This appears to be the modern driveway surface of choice, especially for suitable overlays. We STRESS here suitable….if in doubt be sure to ask us first about suitability.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete is retaining it’s place as the most popular paving choice and we expect this to continue into 2018. The most popular designs are Deep Joint Cobble in Steel and Platinum Grey colour combinations.

Overall, block paving seems to be declining as a paving surface of choice. Many upgrades are needed as both style and colours are limited throughout Bexley. This could be due to difficulty competing with the decorative paving options of other surfaces or due to higher cost of more modern block paving alternatives. That’s not to say that some outstanding block paving installations are around in Bexley….because there are. Take a look at some of these…

block paving bexley

A Great Example of Boldly Contrasting Block Paving

Learn more about permeable block paving? (and why it’s important)

herringbone block paving bexley

Herringbone Block Paving Pattern

Bexley is a diverse borough. As a post war suburban overspill, many of the housing styles are the same.

Driveway installations were noticeably ‘in keeping‘ with the style of homes. Due to being quite a densely populated area many driveway areas have been extended to allow more and more cars to park. Off road parking restrictions are also an issue and Bexley Council are known for their targeting of motorists.

Property prices have remained stable throughout 2017 and it’s likely that disposable income will be available for home improvements and much needed driveway upgrades. Bexley is a CASH rich area.

Driveways Bexley – A popular London Borough

DA5 – Being in the most expensive part of bexley it was disappointing to note that many homes have not tried to improve.

DA6 and DA7 – Bexleyheath – Overall good. Plenty of modern decorative driveway choices.

DA15 – Sidcup – Surprisingly this is also an area that could really do with better use of modern block paving options. Many faded and tired looking driveways were identified.

DA16 and DA17 – Welling and Belvedere – Some excellent modern driveway were found in this part of Bexley.

Driveway Wise remain committed to enhancing standards across the Driveway Industry.

Driveways Bexley – Choosing a Professional Contractor

We make it easy to find a professional driveway contractor in Bexley.

Choose Farrelly Construction Limited – They have 28 years experience and their installations range from small patio areas to large commercial areas  (with everything in between)

Link to Farrelly Construction Ltd

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