Welcome to our Driveway Paving Guide!

We’ve put this driveway paving guide together to help customers make the right choice from the many paving surface options available.

Long gone are the days where a driveway simply performed a functional purpose….like, er…….somewhere to put the car.

Increasingly, many home owners are aware of the real value a great looking driveway can bring.

Just take a look at these examples of driveways without that love and care below:


This unhappy house needs the driveway sorted out

Finishing touch driveway

Can you imagine what is going to look great here? We Can!

Now take a look at these stunning examples of well designed driveways that enhance both the appearance and value of the properties.

modern block paving

Modern style block paving makes all the difference


When it looks like this what else needs doing?

patterned concrete

An eye catching Pattern Imprinted Concrete Installation

With the case made, it’s difficult to understand why so many homeowners don’t take the steps necessary to improve the look of their home.

Driveway Paving Guide…..here are some (but not all) reasons for not improving:

  1. Affordability.
  2. It’s just a driveway.
  3. I don’t care what the outside of the house looks like.
  4. Who cares what the neighbours think?

So let’s take a look at these reasons…one by one.

1. Affordability

If you are borrowed up to the hilt…click away now.


If you do have some savings or can get finance of some sort….investing in the appearance of the outside of your home is a no brainer.

 A rough idea of driveway costs…….

Keep in mind that if you’re getting a price quotation of less than £70 per square metre then you could fall into the trap of ‘pay cheap pay twice‘.

This isn’t just a saying in the driveway industry!

Lets face it, you’ll always find somebody to quote the cheapest price but please remember; for driveway installations this presents some real dangers!

Cheap prices equal cost cutting. In turn this may mean:

  • Unsuitable material usage for sub base preparation – leading to a structurally unsound base….sinkage…cracking.
  • Illegal dumping of waste from your property.
  • Cheap materials – weak blocks, poor quality resin, cheap colouring materials that will fade, incorrect surface thickness.
  • Use of illegal workers – Paying people on the cheap is illegal. Using illegal workers is….illegal. Full Stop.

If it’s all about the cheapest price and a quick fix…go ahead. But be WARNED, you’ll get what you pay for. Increasingly councils are monitoring home improvements so the consequences of those ‘all cash’ deals may need to be accounted for…..be wary.

If you need a quick makeover…maybe because you’re selling up? Find out MORE HERE

2. It’s just a driveway.

As you can see from the pictures above the first thing anybody sees is your driveway. Besides….you see it everyday. Pretending that a driveway isn’t important is just a poor excuse for not upgrading. Time to move with the times.

3. I don’t care what the outside of my house looks like.

Really? This is closely linked to number 2. Do you care what you look like when you meet new people? Do you care what impression you make? A driveway is often viewed as an extension of your home….is it warm and inviting? Clean and enticing? Shabby and in disrepair?

You need to care about how it looks so that you feel good about your home….and yourself.

4. Who cares what the neighbours think?

Validation from others is important to most of us. Without slavishly trying to ‘keep up with the Jonses‘ or just ‘showing off’,  it’s important for good neighbourly relations and community spirit to take care of the look of your home…and this includes your driveway.

Some people judge books by covers and people on the TV by how they look…..likewise many people judge a house by its driveway. Some don’t judge and some still won’t care….but many do!

Driveway Paving Guide – Find a Contractor/Installer that makes a difference

So, with those non-starting excuses demolished….how do you ensure you get a driveway that stands out, lasts for many years…offers great value for money and most important of all…………..Increases the Value of Your Home.

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