The key to outstanding driveway home improvements is in choosing the right paving product in the first place. For many years driveways were viewed as functional areas at the front of the house, just for parking the car or or three. But for those homeowners that are more savvy the relationship between a fantastic looking house and higher property value is a ‘no brainer‘. And a driveway creates that first impression that can go a long way.

driveway home improvements

This resin bound driveway perfectly Frames the characteristic style of this house.

Modern decorative paving surfaces such as pattern imprinted concrete and resin bound, as well as improvements with block paving such as permeable technologies have really improved both the design and versatility of driveway options.

Dull and functional really are a thing of the past. But are you?

Inspiration for driveway home improvement

If dull and uninspiring spring to mind….imagine what could be done with this area!

Why do driveway home improvements come last?

In general the driveway area comes last in the queue for home improvements. Kitchens and bathrooms, conservatories and loft conversions all take priority. This is understandable from the point of view of comfort; but neglecting the driveway is a big mistake.

Think about it.

The most stunning interior will not get a look in, if the outside doesn’t appear inviting in the first place.

Do you like uneven and faded 1980s block paving? If so, you probably also like faded jeans and listening to Bananarama songs. Do you go crazy for crazy paving that just looks like a crazy mess?…IF so maybe the name suits your way of thinking well!

If, on the other hand, you can see that a well designed and maintained driveway can really enhance the look and appeal of a house…read on and learn how and why.

HOW and WHY driveway home improvements transform a house

Framing effect – This is where a house is ‘framed‘ by a driveway. This could be a large block pattern that picks up well with colours in the brickwork of a house. It could be a light resin that makes a house look airy and spacious. It could be the contrast in colour blends and decorative pattern of a well installed pattern imprinted driveway. The driveway acts as the frame for the house.

Style – A well designed driveway area shows the homeowners inside have style. This may be an extension of their own personal style or simply an extension of the style of car they drive. Why put an expensive car on a shabby drive?

A stylishly designed driveway tells you something about the people; they’ve made the effort. And effort counts for a lot.

Money– A new driveway means money. A quick look at a house with a shabby looking old driveway tells you the people inside are not well off. Contrast this with a stunningly designed house with a stunning driveway to match. This tells you the people inside have money to spend and like to show it.

Show – Following on from money the indulgent revel in the ‘showiness‘ of a newly installed driveway. It tells the neighbourhood to take a look. Annoying neighbours can be driven to distraction by envy when you install a stunningly beautiful driveway. Success isn’t just measured  by career aspirations or money (hidden) in the bank. By showing a brand new driveway that may have cost £10,000’s; success is glaringly evident!

Updating – This transformation is necessary and usually happens when new homeowners take over a property. If the budget is there, spending money to upgrade the front of a house goes a long way. It puts the stamp of individuality on a house and allows a new homeowner to really lay claim to a property.

Driveway home improvements – Where to start

All good home improvements start with an idea. A good idea starts from not being complicated and trying to ‘reinvent the wheel‘. Instead, just look around. And don’t just limit your field of vision to your neighbour’s home improvements. Falling in with the ‘herd‘ may allow you to fit in with the ‘Joneses‘ but trying a little of your own imagination may work inspirational magic.

New online services like Pinterest or for the more discerning Houzz is popular and can provide inspiration.

And don’t forget tried and trusted Driveway Wise. We’re driveway experts that are improving both the standards and image of the driveway industry.


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