It can be a little overwhelming with the vast array of stunning driveway designs to choose from. So below we take a look at some popular ones to get an idea of what can be achieved to really make an impact with that all important ‘first impression‘.

All paving surfaces can look great if they’re installed professionally. A well designed driveway provides the finishing touch that distinguishes amazing looking homes from the rest. There’s no preferential order below just some great looking driveways.

Pattern Imprinted Driveway Designs

patterned concrete drives

Beautiful Patterned Concrete Drives are difficult to beat!

When pattern imprinted concrete took off as a driveway surfacing product patterns and colours were limited. These days all types of patterns are available and colours can be blended so that subtle shades can be achieved.

One of the major attractions of pattern imprinted concrete is that it can look great on both modern styled houses and equally as good on traditionally styled houses. Take a look at the house above. It benefits from a modern makeover and the imprinted concrete design of large slate blends in perfectly to make an ‘in and out‘ driveway. The landscaping in the centre of the driveway is minimal and very low maintenance.

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Colour guide from PICs (UK’s premier pattern imprinted concrete colour mixer)

Gravel Driveway Designs

beautiful gravel driveway

An elegant Gravel Driveway

The classical, almost quintessential look, created by a beautifully installed gravel driveway is hard to beat. Gravel simply outclasses due to the styles, character and sheer size of the many homes she surrounds. Ironically, gravel is the least expensive type of driveway surface product yet it surrounds many country homes. Gravel is seen in towns and even in suburbia but at heart it is truly a country look. In a practical sense gravel provides excellent drainage and an early warning of the unwanted approaching.

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Resin Driveway Designs

low maintenance resin bound drive

A practical low maintenance resin bound driveway

Resin bound is proving to be a growth market in the UK. It does not have the richness of colours that are achievable with blocks and pattern imprinted concrete but it does offer a clean and easy to maintain paving surface. Installation is straightforward and a major attraction is drainage, or more precisely that a resin bound installation requires none. This satisfies Suds compliance and also takes the headache out of surface water ‘pooling‘ or not running away.

Tarmacadam Driveway Designs

driveway designs

Easy to install and comparatively less expensive than other driveway surfaces

Tarmacadam – For some the practical considerations of a durable and non fading paving surface far outweigh choices of patterns and colours. As illustrated above; creative yet minimal landscaping make the paving surface contrast well with the light colour of the house.

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Block Paving Driveway Designs


This long driveway of larger sized blocks

Block paving offers both a broad range of sizes of blocks and in recent years improvements in concrete block technologies have made colour blends more subtle. Many block manufacturers now offer fully permeable ranges which satisfy Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) requirements.

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We hope you have enjoyed this light journey through some popular driveway designs and welcome any contact if you feel like you have a stunning design to share.

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