Drivesett Argent – A bold big block that suits larger driveways

Drivesett Argent are a selection of concrete blocks from Marshalls – one of the UKs largest manufacturers of concrete blocks. They are a larger block that provide stability and a visual satisfaction not achieved with smaller sized blocks. They are competitively priced, too.

Look at the pictures below. What looks better?

Block paving herringbone pattern close up

Herringbone pattern -block paving










Marshall Drivesett Argent Original

Marshall Drivesett Argent Original 


The top picture shows a small sized standard block laid in a herringbone design.

Put the colours and laying patterns aside for a minute and just focus on the size of the blocks. The Drivesett Argent blocks below are in slightly different sizes (dimensions detailed below) and when laid in a random order this provides a solid looking conservative look.

In comparison to the smaller size blocks the visual appeal is greater, don’t you agree?

Drivesett Argent colours

Like most block paving colours or blends these are limited to black and grey. Lets face it would anybody really want a purple or orange driveway!

Specific to Drivesett Argent:

  • Dark –  a very dark grey
  • Graphite- a lighter grey
  • Light – an even lighter grey
  • Buff – Sandy yellow

These colour blends, or mainly shades of grey can be mixed together to provide a unique contrast to your driveway. Buff is the least popular colour and definitely looks better covering larger driveway areas and if a contrast is desired with brickwork or timber.

The table below provides specific Drivesett Argent block paving dimensions:


Drivesett Argent and drainage

The Drivesett Argent block range do not allow surface water to drain down. Therefore compliance with sustainable urban drainage legislation (known as Suds) may be an issue. When considering this type of block paving careful planning of drainage is needed. If drainage is not to flowerbeds construction of a soakaway and drainage channels will be needed during the sub base preparation. It’s not wise to ignore SUDs compliance.

Finally our really useful information guide on Drivesett Priora explains how this unique alternative driveway surfacing product provides a permeable solution to surface water drainage.

More on block paving.

Have you looked at other driveway surfacing options such as pattern imprinted concrete or resin?

Drivesett Argent – Cost?

The all important cost. Expect to pay up to £400 for a variety of sized blocks that will cover an area of 10 square metres.

Therefore on this basis as a rough guide you will pay £4,000 if looking to cover 100 square metres. This is for the blocks only and additional costs will be sub base preparation, labour and installation.

Hope you have found this information helpful!

If you have any questions please contact us or if you have Drivesett Argent installed give us your story or pictures and you could feature on Drivewaywise!