Novelty Drink Coolers

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Awesome Novelty Drink Coolers and Beverage Tubs for 2021

A summer garden party is no party without a BBQ and of course refreshingly cool drinks.

The novelty drink coolers and beverage tubs below are all original and will be the talk of your party.

No doubt you will be asked where you found such a cool drink’s cooler!

They are designed by an Australian jewellery maker and made from recycled metals.

What’ extra cool about these coolers, is that they are created by skilled crafts people in Vietnam, who can create a better quality of life because they get paid a living wage to make them.

The metals the coolers are made from are designed to cope with harsh weather conditions as standard.  Their UV Resistant enamel-coating gives them extra protection.

All drink coolers are completely hand made and this means each one is totally unique.

They are absolutely awesome and once you’ve got a metal friend it’s hard to imagine a garden party without them…..ever….

Our Favourite Novelty Drink Coolers and Beverage Tubs

Alfie Union Jack Cooler


Alfie Union Jack Cooler

Polly The Parrot Beverage Tub

Polly Parrot

Polly Parrot Drinks Cooler

Flip Flop Drinks Holder


Flipflops Wine Holder

Barcelona 5 Piece Rattan Garden Cube Set in Premium Truffle Brown and Champagne


Spitfire Drinks Cooler

VW Beetle Novelty Drinks Cooler

VW Beetle

VW Beetle Cooler

Florence The Flamingo Beverage Tub


Florence The Flamingo 

Hole In One Cooler


Hole In One Cooler

Kool Kombi Cooler novelty drink cooler

VW Van

Kool Kombi Cooler

Byron Lighthouse Wine Cooler


Byron Light House Cooler

Winston The Bull Dog


Winston The Bull Dog

Barnyard Flying Pig Beverage Tub


Barnyard Flying Pig Cooler

Mini Cooper Cooler - Union Jack

Union Jack

Mini Cooper Cooler

The Doolittle Biplane Drinks Tub


The Doolittle Biplane 

Barnyard Owl Beverage Tub


Barnyard Owl Beverage Tub

Conrad The Crab novelty drinks cooler


Conrad the crab

Airstream Caravan drinks Cooler


Airstream Caravan Cooler

King Of The Road Cooler - Large


King Of The Road Cooler 

Yuki The Dog Cooler


Yuki The Dog Cooler

Heaven Beverage Tub Red


Heaven Beverage Tub Red

Cat Beverage Tub


Cat Beverage Tub

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