What Concrete Sealer for Your Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway?

Concrete sealer?….Acrylic sealers are best…these are either a water based or solvent based. Whilst there is a longer life span for solvent based sealers (with some lasting over 10 years), water based sealers are kinder to the environment.

Generally, an imprinted concrete surface will need to be resealed every 2 years to keep it looking in tip-top condition.

Before the Application of Concrete Sealer

Before application the surface will need to be swept and washed off. Importantly the surface must be completely dry so that no moisture is present.

Sealers contain toxic chemicals so safety is important.

If this is a concern, just use a water based version.

Where to Begin with Concrete sealer

Once the surface is completely clean and dry, the sealer can be applied. It’s best to apply sealer with a soft broom.

Start from the corner of the house and work backwards going across the driveway area. This will ensure you will finish at the front of the driveway (which is great but make sure you still have access back inside or find something to do for a couple of hours whilst it dries!)

Simply dip the broom into the sealer and apply covering 1 square metre at a time. Ensure complete coverage and this might mean going over the same area a couple of times.

Alternatively, for larger concrete areas a sealing pump sprayer can be used. This will ensure consistency of coverage. It’s wise to buy a decent one of these as cheaper versions tend to clog up with sealer and the last thing you want is it packing up half way through! Click on the picture below.

Perfect Weather for Concrete Sealer

Summer is best. Whilst it’s possible to seal any time of year (a slab heater can be used in winter) it really is driveway wise to ensure no moisture is present. If there is the slightest moisture white patches may appear and these areas will have to be removed and resealed. This really is a pain so best to avoid this in the first place by ensuring that sealing is completed in the driest weather.

The surface will dry within a couple of hours and you’ll be able to walk and park your car. No sweat!

Only use the best sealer for your decorative concrete surface. We provide the best sealer available to really bring any decorative driveway back to life.

Contact Us if you need a re seal (price around £10 – £15 per square metre)