Pattern imprinted concrete comes in a variety of colours and patterns which satisfy the most demanding decorative paving needs. In this post we’ll take a look at some concrete driveway ideas.

If you’re new here please make sure  you take a look at some of our other posts on imprinted concrete for driveways! And for those that know what is on offer this post will take a look at the wide range of colours and patterns available.

This slate design suits a wider driveway area

Concrete Driveway Ideas – Slate

The driveway above is a wide expansive area with an in and out driveway. By using the large slate design the feeling of space is emphasised. A simple gravel bed sits in the middle and minimal landscaping ensures a very low maintenance workload.

Not only is the slate design eye catching but the colour contrasts and compliments the colour combination on the house

From a further distance it’s possible to see the eye catching effect of the colour blend combination (Slate Grey/Charcoal). As with many of the colour blends, it’s possible to compliment existing colours or go for more stunning contrasts.

Concrete Driveway Ideas – Cobble

A mixture of cobble design and red suit this house


Cobble designs are very popular for decorative concrete.

Smaller driveways and longer driveway areas are best suited and types of cobble design range from London Cobble to Deep Joint Cobble (with a few other types besides).

Care needs to be taken when choosing reds. As you can see from the picture above careful blending has really toned down the red.

NOTE: It’s essential to ensure a suitably experienced installer applies colours correctly. Contact US using the form (above right) to find an pattern imprinted concrete installer local to you!

European Fan Design

  Designs such as European Fan are increasingly popular


Another cobble design that is popular for some folks is the European Fan. If your looking for a design that stands out from many others this could be the one for you. Usually, a soldier course (brick frame) is imprinted around the edges and then the curved printing can begin.

In our experience the only drawback to this design is that contraction/expansion joints (which need to be cut into concrete) are quite visible. You’ll notice, however, that in the picture above the joint has been cut at a 45 degree angle from the corner of the house. This will at least blend in with some of the straight lines of the cobble print.

Pattern imprinted concrete contraction/expansion joint


Sometimes there is no other option than cutting joints straight down the middle, as shown above. But, these joints are an important part of any pattern imprinted concrete installation and should always be cut in.

Stone Cobble Design

 Stone Cobble Pattern Imprinted Concrete


Again, this charcoal coloured ‘London Cobble‘ design blends in well with the ‘period‘ brickwork of the house. Many homeowners choose subtle darker colours for driveways that blend in with (or pick up with) existing colours on brickwork and walls.


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We’ve covered some of the more popular designs here but there are others to choose from, too. We hope you’ve found this helpful and make sure to like us on Facebook and share!