Why choose Marshalls Drivesys Riven Stone?

Marshalls Drivesys Riven Stone

Golden Riven Stone

Marshalls Drivesys Riven Stone blocks are a popular choice for driveway surfacing and are available in 3 colours:

Golden (like above)
Silver Grey

Marshalls Drivesys Riven stone blocks provide an authentic ‘stone’ look and a smooth glossy finish rather than a ‘duller‘ matt finish.

Riven is a bit of an odd name to call these blocks as this means ‘tearing apart’! If put together properly these blocks will not ‘tear apart’!

Basalt and silver are the most popular colour blends as they blend in easily with most styles of house. Alternatively, choosing the golden colour blend will provide a strong contrast against the many shades of red brickwork you come across in the UK.

A mix set pack comes with a variety of sized blocks (having a mix of sizes reduces waste as less cuts of blocks are necessary)


The approximate coverage of one pack is 7 to 7.5 square metres (23 – 24.6 square feet).

In comparison to some types of block paving – the installation is relatively straightforward especially using the Drivewaywise block paving installation guide.

Marshall’s Drivesys Riven Stone – Installation and Cost

An example of a 60 square metre (646 square foot) driveway installation using Marshalls drivesys riven stone is calculated below:

60 sqm/7sqm (1 mix pack) = 8.5.

So, 9 packs.

Approximate cost will be £550 (exc VAT) per pack (this may vary from region and outlet). 

9 x £550 = £4,950

Preparation of sub base:

  • Dig out of 2 days (including digger hire) = £1,000
  • Waste removal* = £500-£600
  • Aggregate for base = £500
  • Sand=£200

*Based on 2 grab lorries and no drainage

Extra costs may include:

  • Edging (determined by how many metres needed)
  • Drainage (installation of soak away and channel drainage

A three man team can complete this installation within 5 days.

Approximate total cost of installation of Riven Stone

£7,150 (without drainage, edging and labour)

£10,000 including labour, 40 metres of edging and 4 metres of linear drainage to soak away.

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