There are three reasons to choose Cemex block paving products over other manufacturers.

Firstly, they’re firmly placed in the mid-range quality/price category.

Secondly, they’re well made blocks produced by one of the largest building materials conglomerates; Cemex (global company turnover £10 Billion.)

Thirdly, there’s no fancy gimmicks. If you’re looking for a durable, well made block – at a very affordable price, Cemex may be for you.

In this post we’re focusing on the Cemex Chelsea and Barbican ranges of block paving but we also provide information on Cemex’s budget ranges of block paving ReadyRoad 60 and ReadyDrive 50.

We finish with a useful comparison of each range of blocks put to use on a nominal 100sqm driveway.

Cemex Block Paving – Chelsea Range


Cemex Chelsea Block Paving

This range of block paving from Cemex give satisfaction for those looking for rustic charm and are characterised by their subtle shades which make them ideal for driveways, patios and pathways. Below shows the sizes available but remember this is if you’re looking down onto the blocks. The major benefit of variations of sizes mean different types of patterns can be achieved.


Cemex Block Paving – Chelsea Prices?


Cemex Chelsea Block Paving Prices (subject to change)

Cemex Block Paving – Barbican Range

The Cemex Barbican range of blocks have a more defined edging and provide a crisper finish compared to the Chelsea blocks. The size of the blocks are exactly the same as the Chelsea range and the number of blocks in a standard pack provide the same coverage (around 7.76 sqm.)


Cemex Barbican Block Paving

Cemex Block Paving – Barbican Prices

The Cemex Barbican range of block paving offer a cost effective choice at around £32 per square metre.


Cemex Barbican Price Guide (subject to change)

The thicker 60mm block works out a couple of pounds more at around £34 – £35 per square metre.



Cemex Budget Block Paving

Cemex Block Paving – ReadyRoad 60 and ReadyDrive 50 Ranges

Both Readyroad 60 and ReadyDrive 50 do not offer the ability to mix and match sizes as they only come in one size! The do differ in terms of thickness with ReadyRoad at 60mm and ReadyDrive at 50mm. These price up at around £23 sqm so offer a good alternative to those of us on a budget.

Cemex Block Paving – Cost and Pricing for 100sqm

From getting an idea of the colours, sizes and approximate prices we’re able to scope a cost of works based on a 100sqm driveway.

Starting with the budget range:

Based on ReadyDrive 50:

Pack of blocks covering approximately 10sqm @ £195.00 will cost 10 X £195.00=£1,950.00…a price to beat!

Based on Barbican:

Pack of blocks covering approximately 7.76 sqm @ £248 will cost 13 X £248=£3,224.00

Based on Chelsea:

Pack of blocks covering approximately 7.76 sqm @ £260 will cost 13 X £260=£3,380.00

Examples above exclude preparation and labour costs. But even with these taken into account Cemex’s block paving range really do provide great value for you money.

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