Brett Paving Geoceramica Bluestone Driveway Review

I must admit when I first came across porcelain paving my immediate reaction was porcelain…um…..delicate….breaks. Is Brett Paving Geoceramica Bluestone…the same?

In honesty thoughts of delicate porcelain stem from gran’s favourite cups and my sister’s favourite porcelain doll!

So porcelain, as a driveway product? Taking the weight of vehicles? How can Porcelain do that?

To my surprise Brett Pavings’ Geoceramia Bluestone does just that. Laid on a suitable sub base Geoceramica Bluestone is as strong and durable as many other driveway surfacing products.

Brett Paving Geoceramica Bluestone – The Look

Visually the finished look is unusual. Turning the conventional on its head Brett are progressively taking driveway paving to another level.

Yes, for those that are stuck in a time warp and only associate this type of look with patio areas…the appeal will be lost. But for those that are more adventurous and looking to really make a distinctive impression Geoceramica Bluestone…’ticks the box.

The video clip below shows a good example of a laid driveway. It also shows a separate example of some nice cuts laid in some steps by a Brett Approved Contractor (Paramount Paving.)


Marketing materials compare it to granite but we think this falls short of really encapsulating the ‘feel‘ of Brett Paving’s Geoceramica Bluestone. This driveway material is sleek and eye catching. 

Any reservations around bonding are overcome by the pre-installation application of a cementitious bond during the manufacturing process. 

The denseness of porcelain makes this a driveway surfacing product that is resistant to staining, such as oil or petrol. In addition to this organic growth problems found on some traditional block paving surfaces are no problem for porcelain…again due to the denseness of porcelain itself.

As of writing in Spring 2018 Brett Paving Geoceramica Bluestone is available in two colours:

Brett Paving Geoceramica Bluestone

      Brett Paving Geoceramica Bluestone

Brett Paving Geoceramica Bluestone – Installation

On the basis that a suitable sub base is present the appeal of the ease of installation appeal to landscapers and driveway installers alike. A 50-60 square metre area is an easy lay and can be completed in a day by an experienced two person team.

Brett Paving Geoceramica Bluestone – Price

In a pack that will provide cover of almost 7 square metres expect to pay approximately £480 (inc VAT.)

So, as a quick calculation. A 60 square metre job is going to require 8 packs which will leave a little left over. Total cost £3,840. Plus installation costs.

For a driveway with light vehicular use Geoceramica Bluestone is hard to beat and sets a driveway apart.

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