Block Paving Driveways Bournemouth

The must have guide to block paving driveways Bournemouth. There are an outstanding variety of designs and excellent examples of modern looking block paving in and around Bournemouth.

Our sample included Bournemouth and surrounding areas of Winton (BH9), Kinson (BH10) and Boscombe (BH1).

Bournemouth is clearly an area where driveways matter!

Maybe it’s just the gorgeous sea air that gives the driveways in Bournemouth their design flair?

Whatever it is, there are some excellent examples of excellent block paving driveway installations.

Do you really want to make your driveway stand out?

modern block paving driveway bournemouth

A modern block paving driveway Bournemouth

Block paving driveways Bournemouth – Style and Design

For many a concrete block can be a concrete nightmare! Yet for others modern block paving offers the ability to create stylish designs. Yes, older block paving designs look similar and the limited colour ranges in years gone by were more….garish.

But today with modern concrete block manufacturing methods there is a broad range of colour blends available. When you combine this with a vast range of different sized blocks, it’s easy to see how block paving is still one of the most popular paving option.

Alternative paving products such resin and pattern imprinted concrete are proving popular but overall block paving remains the way out in the lead.

Block Paving Driveways Bournemouth

Choosing the style and colour of block is just part of it.

The most important factor in getting a superb installation is the quality of the installation itself. There a pros and cons to using an installer via referral, a trade checking service or even from the local newspaper.

Read More on choosing a Block paving contractor/installer.

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