Block paving driveway repairs are usually necessary for driveways that have sunken or around edges where blocks have come away. The usual cause is poor installation of sub base.

And sunken block paving driveways with ruts and holes are more common than you might think!

Depending on the size of the repair and whether you have concern with exactly matching blocks (because existing laid blocks will have faded) repairs can be completed by a competent DIYer, competent being the main part of DIYer.

The repair below solves the problem of an area of blocks that had sunk down but visually it looks….Block paving repairs Herringbone block paved driveway repair close up

…unsightly, even ugly. Note that even with fading and moss growth you can see the original block paving was reddish…..and the block paving repair has been made using grey blocks!

As mentioned above, if looks are not important and you simply want to fill a hole to make an area less dangerous pop to your local DIY store and buy some blocks. If you need help with installation check out the block paving repair guide.

Block paving driveway repairs

Alternatively, by using an experienced block paving installer you will have a better chance of achieving a better match

Many block paving companies will offer block paving driveway repairs which may include some of the following:

  • Installation of new sub base
  • Correct subsidence
  • Re-level areas that have sunken
  • Solve water pooling, and driveway wheel ruts
  • Clear drainage channels and gullys
  • Replace sunken soak-aways
  • Remove any tree roots lifting driveway areas
  • Replace damaged blocks (chipped and cracked)
  • Fix edges that have come away to stop block paving spreading
  • Apply new sand to block paving to improve joints

When you choose a block paving driveway repair company ensure they can provide pictures of previous repairs and give you addresses of where they have made these repairs. By looking at previous repairs you will be able to see if blocks have been matched (or as best possible) and installed well.

Do you have a story of a block paving driveway repair? Do you have a repair that looks worse than those above?

Tell us below !