Finding quality professional block paving contractors can be hard. But can you trust a trade checking service such as check a trade or rated people to put you in touch with a decent one?

Are these ‘trade checking‘ type websites just a scam that may match potential customers like you with block paving contractors that may be able to the job.

Some background to how they work:

A contractor pays a fee. The trade checking service looks at 5 or so jobs (mainly pictures) and then a potential customer is put in touch with the block paving contractor.

On completion of the driveway – A review of work is left by a happy customer (that may have been pressured to do so) and the block paving contractor is happy, right?


PARASITE: ‘ an organism which lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other’s expense ‘

So, in the example above the trader check service or whatever they may call themselves feeds off both the customer and the block paving contractor.

In the mind of the customer credibility and misguided trust is gained by:

  • Ease of use of service
  • Reviews
  • Guarantee (maybe)

The block paving contractor is duped into the promise of a steady flow of work.

The weakness of this is that most ‘trade checking‘ is only based on 5 or so recently          (repeat recently) completed jobs.

This is a dangerous approach to making an informed driveway choice and getting the professional installation you deserve.

And what of the flimsy guarantees that aren’t worth the paper they’re written on?

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From a contractors angle. Hefty fees are paid. If they get a bad review – sure they’ll get the opportunity to put things right, but two or more bad reviews and they’ll be dropped….because the trade checking service will have plenty more ‘hosts‘ to bring on board.

Get the picture?

So, if you have read this far, we urge you to read on. Because there is a much easier way.

Ask yourself – What would people like you have done before such services were in place?

Ask for a recommendation from family, friends, colleagues, club members or dare we say it,  even neighbours?

Block paving contractors – How to find one!

IF you need a block paving contractor:

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Alternatively try finding an approved installer from:

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A short film showing a block paving contractors in action.

Another way it to do this:

Identify a nice block paving job. Knock on the person’s door. If you’re a little shy take a friend.

Say, “Hello, sorry to bother you but I think your block paving driveway is beautiful…stunning,….fantastic“…or whatever other nice compliment you can think of.

They’ll probably reply with “Thank you.

At this exact moment something exciting has happened. You have paid a compliment about somebody’s home and they have thanked you for it.

Generally, people think of their home as an extension of themselves; so subconsciously you’ve paid them a compliment. They’ll be feeling pretty good like somebody has told them they look good and they have made a good decision with who they chose to install their driveway.

Now, just ask “Who did you use?.” Yes, it’s really that simple.

They will then be able to tell you and you will be able to call the block paving contractor and they will be able to book in a time to visit you and happily provide a quotation.

It’s that easy! Really!

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