From the outset….lets be clear most block paving companies provide outstanding and professional surfacing installations.There are a few bad companies out there but overall the majority will do a spectacular job.

Finding Block Paving Companies

The length of time a block paving company has been in business for can be a good indication of quality installations. Block pavers that leave a trail of unsatisfied customers, for whatever reason, simply do not last. If they over promise and under deliver customers eventually end up at trading standards and/or the small claims court.

The rise of various ‘web review’ type services such as Trust a…. My Build…Check a…..etc etc do not improve things. These services charge fees and operate ‘reviews’ but unscrupulous operators ‘game’ them by setting up under a different name and just getting more reviews! More on these below.

In the absence of not being able to check company information (private limited companies excepted) how can you determine how long a company has been in operation for?

Block Paving Companies – Local Knowledge

It can be surprising just how effective sign boards can be. Many block pavers that rely on referral work will not advertise and will simply leave their signboard outside a house. So, if you notice a particular company’s sign board in your area…over a number of years…it’s a promising sign that quality installations are a signature of their services.

Limitation: Unless you’re in the market you probably will not notice sign boards. And beware of those that appear at the side of the road or stuck in bushes at roundabouts!

Block Paving Companies: Referrals

Without doubt, referrals will be the surest way of getting a professional to block pave your driveway.

Most of the time!

Friends or neighbours’ stunning examples of driveway installations must be viewed in addition to other installations. As with any driveway surfacing product it’s important to look at installations that were completed some time ago (preferably 5 years plus) so you can get a good idea of workmanship…that lasts.

Limitation: Trust that other installations have actually been carried out by company/installer.

Block Paving Companies: Trade Checking Services

checkatrande block paving

Members? Reputation? Experts? Trust? Is all as it seems?

Online trade checking services such as rated people, check a trade, trade checker…trade whatever…have sprouted up over the last 5 years or so. Simply put in your postcode and these services will suggest ‘local‘ companies/installers.

Limitation: Claims of effective vetting are questionable, especially in light of how much ‘tradespeople‘ pay in fees to such services. Testimonials may not be as authentic as claimed. If you are a fan of dating services and like this way of finding people then this could be the way for you!

poor block paving installation

Nobody wants to END UP with an installation like this, do they?

permeable block paving

Permeable Block Paving for better drainage

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Block Paving Companies: Manufacturer’s Registers

Large block paving manufacturers such as Marshalls, Tobermore and Brett paving offer the ability to find block paving companies via accredited installer/contractor schemes.These installers are monitored by the manufacturers who retain some control over quality standards. It’s a sensible approach to use but will generally cost more.

LIMITATION: Companies/Installers on registers are accredited but they also buy the manufacturer’s products so caution urged. The accreditation scheme of each should be checked.

Block Paving Companies: Leaflets and Local Papers

If money is tight and/or you’re looking for a quick fix to extend a driveway area or sell up then using any old company may appeal. This is the riskiest option of finding a block paver. But, as long as an invitation to provide a quotation doesn’t turn into problem! The confidence to negotiate with a level head is a must…..and remember…the choice is yours.

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